Great emergence at 24hr race

On April 25th in a 24 hours race a Tempo F8 planted 212 hectares of corn at an average speed of 18 km per hour.

Recently the Ukrainian Institute for Certification of Agricultural Machinery released the measurements regarding planting accuracy from the 24 hours race. The accuracy is presented as Coefficient of variation (CV). The tests from the 24 hrs race show a CV of 25.5%. “Normal” planting quality in Europe has a CV-value of around 40%.

Serhii Marinin the head of the laboratory of the institute led the plant calculations.
“The quality is exceptional taking into consideration the average speed of 18 km/h. In addition the race was prepared in less than ten days. During the planning phase the speed was always in focus which means that we did not expect to achieve such perfect planting quality.

Emergence Tempo
Despite the high average planting speed of 18km/h the plants are growing
rapidly with great accuracy (photo from 27th of May)

“Given the average speed of 18 km/h a CV of 25.5% is unheard of and we are of course incredibly proud of this achievement. It’s really good to see that it is possible to speed up the planting process and still achieve great results”, says Lars Thylén product marketing manager at Väderstad.

Emergence Tempo
The average seeding depth was 5.2cm with no seed deeper than 6cm and
not placed shallower than 4cm (photo from 27th of May)

Tempo F8
Tempo F8