Control Rapid or Tempo with an iPad

Väderstad introduces E-control which is an application that you download to an iPad. The application provides an easy way of controlling the Rapid A 400-800S and Tempo F 6-8 seed drills, thereby replacing Väderstad’s current control box. E-control allows you to control all functions of the machine in an extremely user-friendly manner. Controls included are adjusting seed metering, tramlining, calibration and logging data & events, for example.

Väderstad E-control on iPad

There are three options for controlling the seed drill:

1) E-control via a user-friendly interface on an iPad
2) ISOBUS via the tractor’s own or an external ISOBUS terminal
3) Väderstad’s previous CS control box

E-control on Rapid A and Tempo F
E-Keeper a customised Väderstad iPad holder

Farmers have a unique opportunity for wireless control of the Rapid A with the easy-to-use E-control iPad application. A clear user interface and icons make control of the machine simple. The iPad can be put in an E-Keeper with eight hard function buttons for the most frequently used functions on the machine. A robust hand grip with buttons is a great complement to the touch screen, making it even easier to operate the machine.

The iPad is connected to Rapid A via a secure wireless network managed by the drill’s “black box” gateway. No active Internet connection is needed to be able to control the machine in the field.


The E-control system comprises:

  1. Control of all the machine’s functions
  2. Control of the sowing process with feedback on the amount of seed distributed
  3. Configuration and calibration of the seed drill
  4. Half machine shut-off
  5. Tramlining and programming of drive tracks
  6. Logging of data and events

A big technical step forward

E-control on Rapid A and Tempo

E-control and ISOBUS can also be combined, where both screens can be used together. One screen is used for control and the other for monitoring. With E-control, Väderstad is not just taking the step towards ISOBUS, but several more technical steps beyond it.

ISOBUS opens up the possibility to connect the machine with GPS. The machine can then turn off and on automatically at the headland guided via GPS.

Works with or without ISOBUS

E-control gives farmers the option of using their ISOBUS platform in the tractor for controlling the machine. The machine’s gateway is positioned on the seed drill, showing the information on the ISOBUS screen. In a non-ISOBUS environment, the driver can control the machine with an iPad which has a wireless connection to the machine’s gateway. Using GPS, the “black box” logs the machine’s position, alarms and other events.

From March 2014, Väderstad E-services are available for delivery for the Rapid A 400 - 800S range and for 6 to 8-row Tempo machines.