Väderstad builds strong relationships with dealers

Väderstads success in United Kingdom has led to dealers focusing solely on Väderstad equipment. Two farm machinery directors tell their story on being a Väderstad specialist dealer.

From strength to strength

Cambridge Farm Machinery managing director John Noble says that becoming a Väderstad drill and cultivation specialist has helped his business go from strength to strength over the years.

As a specialist in second-hand machinery trade, Mr Noble chose to focus on Väderstad because the machines are built to last. Repairs rarely involve structural work, he adds, being more often a case of replacing wearing parts.

He says that the secret is to select a manufacturer with reliable and accurate machinery. High second hand value and unsurpassed back-up from the factory are other important factors.

Specialist Väderstad dealers agree that a commitment to providing a quality customer service with a supreme knowledge of robust and well designed drill and cultivation equipment is the key to building a profitable business.

Väderstad – An Olympic athlete

"Väderstad machines are like an Olympic athlete; highly tuned for high speed, accuracy and efficiency if maintained properly," he says. "It's the Rolls Royce of drilling systems, which leaves the land in excellent condition and puts the seed in at the correct depth across the full width of the machines."

Park Farm Machinery sold 400 machines in 18 years

Charlie Lewis of Yorkshire-based Park Farm Machinery has been a specialist dealer for Väderstad since 1994.

  Dealer UK John Noble
John Noble, Väderstad dealer in UK

With customers throughout the UK and an in-depth knowledge of Väderstad drills and cultivation kit going back 18 years it is no surprise that he has sold more than 400 machines in that time.

Väderstad is committed to the job

"We are respected in the farming community as experts in drill and cultivation equipment and because we specialise in one manufacturer's kit, farmers come to us from all over the country for advice and an opinion. Väderstad build quality, back-up service and commitment to developing new machines goes hand in hand with our own dedication to improve cultivation techniques and providing our customers with a bespoke service", says Charlie Lewis.

"We have a large stock of spare parts, which means we can give a much better back-up service to new and existing customers. We have a big customer base because we do for them what we say we will do and they respect that. I often personally deliver spare parts to farms on my way home. This highest level of service is what Väderstad and our customers expect of us", says Charlie Lewis.

Väderstad UK is currently celebrating 20 years of operation and has become one of the leading suppliers of soil cultivation and seed drilling equipment for the progressive grower. Väderstad, the Grantham based company distributes throughout the UK and Ireland via a dealer network consisting of 30 dealers operating from 75 locations.