Carrier 300 shows its true colours in Switzerland

A Swiss vegetable grower in the Zurich region invited a number of manufacturers of disc implements for an evaluation prior to a planned investment. Väderstad’s Swiss import agency, Keller Technik, took part with a Väderstad 300. After having seen the results of a series of three demonstrations, the grower chose Carrier.

Field test disc cultivators

The machines were tested in a field in the Zurich region with lettuce as the previous crop. The field was divided into three test areas, a part that was rotavated, a part that was left untouched and an untouched part that was fertilised with horse manure.

Field test disc cultivators

Since the grower is concentrating on vegetables, he appreciated the fact that Carrier mixes in harvest trash very thoroughly and leaves the surface completely level.

Field test disc cultivators

“The fantastic thing about a Väderstad Carrier 300 is the low draught requirement, which means that it can be pulled by a relatively small tractor. In addition the machine has a compact design, which decreases the lifting force needed”, said vegetable grower Urs Amacher on the Geigelmooshof farm.

“Carrier 300 has extra ballast, which ensures sufficient weight on the steel roller, which guaranteed the machine ran straight behind the tractor. Another plus point is the impression of quality given by the machine”.

After today’s exercise, I have decided to buy a Carrier 300. The machine being real value for money, the work results and the fact that the oscillating scrapers keep the roller clean in difficult conditions – those are critical features for us vegetable growers” said Urs Amacher.

Carrier is a unique implement with enormous flexibility. Stubble cultivation, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation and rolling, straw harrowing, power cultivation and furrow levelling are the main and most common tasks for Carrier.

Owing to its unbeatable mixing ability Carrier is perfect for establishing a false seedbed and for mixing plant residues into the upper soil layer. Its working speed of 12-15 km/h guarantees a very high capacity.

Carrier is available in working widths 3-12.25m.