A major milestone - Rapid number 20000 handed over at Agromek

At the Agromek exhibition in Denmark this week, Väderstad passed a major milestone when Rapid number 20000 was handed over to the Danish farmer Christian Lanter-Mortensen from Alslev. The machine was sold by Dann Nielsen, Röstofte Maskinforretning.

Agromek 2012
Representatives from Väderstad handed over Rapid no 20000 to Christian Lanter-Mortensen together with an engraved glas vase

The huge capacity of this seed drill, the low maintenance costs and the combidrilling option prompted Christian Lanter-Mortensen to buy another Rapid.

The Rapid seed drill was first launched in 1990, at a time when Väderstad had fewer than 125 employees. Just over 20 years later, the company has a workforce of over 1000 in twelve countries and has supplied 20000 Rapid seed drills to around 35 countries.

Decal Rapid 20000 on machine
Rapid number 20000 is a Rapid 400C and decorated with a unique decal

"The Rapid drill has been critical for the company’s success and has taken us onto many new markets. Naturally we are incredibly thankful for this fantastic development", said Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board at Väderstad-Verken.

"We are proud and delighted to sell for Väderstad. When we were given the opportunity a year ago we did not hesitate for a second and it has exceeded all expectations with Väderstad’s new organisation in place”, said Dann Nielsen.

Rapid in action
The Rapid drill was launched in the early 90s and its new drilling technology proved to be ground-breaking

Rapid A Combi with BioDrill
Our largest Rapid drill, the Rapid A 800C equipped with BioDrill. If the entire hopper is used for seed only it has a total volume of impressive 6200 litres