2500 visitors to Nybble

This year’s demonstration season at the Väderstad visitors’ centre Nybble attracted over 2500 visitors from all over the world, all of whom were keen to look round the factory and to watch the Väderstad range of machinery in operation in the field.

Nybble is becoming a little bit of a tradition within the company. A concept that keeps changing and developing in order to give the best possible customer experience. For Väderstad this is one of the best ways to interact with farmers from all over the world and to gain market insights.

"This is a great way of showing our recent product development but also to get a feel for the market and farmers' take on the future", says Fredrik Lundén head of sales at Väderstad.

In addition to all the classic Väderstad machines, there were a number of new items on display this year, including Carrier X, Tempo, Seed Hawk, Spirit Strip-Till and Spirit Fix.

Steady stream of visitors
The efficient work of the machines in the field can be observed at close quarters from the vantage point of the visitors' trailer.
Full speed ahead as machine after machine is demonstrated for visitors at the Väderstad visitors’ centre in Nybble, not far from the factory.

Steady stream of visitors
The guided tour of the factory provides an in-depth presentation of manufacturing, here of the classic Väderstad Rapid seed drill, a bestseller in many countries for many years.

Factory Tour 2012
The Managing Director for Väderstad France Jean-Christophe Regnier shows a group of French farmers the production facilities.

Nybble 2012
Curious farmers checking out the latest equipment from Väderstad.

Factory Tour Laser 2012
The laser hall, with impressive robot technology impress many guests.

Steady stream of visitors
Extremely hard testing. Visitors were shown Väderstad machines being tested under extreme conditions in the Kimme quarry. Kimme is used to test machines such as the Rapid seed drill hour after hour, day after day, over crushed rock and gravel. This power and durability testing provides the basis for further strengthening and improving frame constructions during the research & development process.

Segway in Nybble 2012
Nybble is open in May and June and a typical Nybble day finnishes off with games and dinner for all guests.