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Track eradicators
Track eradicators

Order number
7200391 s/n: 12800-

Suitable for
Rapid A 400-800S

Track eradicators loosen up the wheel tracks of the tractor effectively and can be adjusted individually to the desired depth.

Distributor head for maize
Maize kit

Order number
7400107 RDA 400S s/n: 13706-16820
7400106 RDA 600S s/n: 13477-16820
7400108 RDA 800S s/n: 13477-16820
7400110 RDA 600C
s/n: 100-1291
7400111 RDA 800C
s/n: 100-1291

The great flexibility of the Rapid seed drill now extends to maize drilling. Rapid with pneumatic metering can easily be fitted with a distributor head for drilling large-seeded crops, giving 75 cm row spacing.
On Rapid models RDA 600-800C/S the distributor head is replaced.

Height extension collar for hopper
Extension collar for hopper

Order number
7400286 s/n: 10310-14799 (RDF)
7400283 s/n: 14800-16820 (RDA 400S)
7400284 s/n: 14800-16820 (RDA 600S)
7400285 s/n: 14800-16820 (RDA 800S)
7100296 s/n: 16821- (RDA 400-800S)

The hopper height extension is a practical accessory that increases the volume of the RDF and RDAS hopper by around 900 litres. Fitting a hopper extension increases the capacity, since fewer refills are required.

Extra Pivot packer
Pivot packer, 4 or 6 wheels 

Order number
7100306 Pivot 4-wheel
7400313 Extension 6 wheels

Suitable for
Rapid A 400-800S

A pivot packer enhances the ability of the drill to cultivate the soil and seed in practically all conditions. The wheel packer has four or six pivoting wheels that follow through in turning and give the entire machine unbeatable responsiveness and a very small turning circle on headlands. A 4-wheel packer can easily be extended to 6 wheels. The 6-wheeled pivot packer gives 50% better carrying capacity. This option is an advantage on very light soils to prevent the pivot packer sinking too low. 

BioDrill 360

Order number
7100277 RDA 600S
7100290 RDA 800S
7100355 RDA 600C/J
7100366 RDA 800C/J

BioDrill is a flexible pneumatic seed-box for small-seeded species that are sown in the same pass as cultivation.


Rapid disc marker
Disc markers

Order number
7400001 side markers
7400003 pre-emergence markers

Kits contain the parts for two complete markers.


Earlier year models of Rapid can significantly improve the outlining just by adding disc markers. Fits to side markers as well as pre-emergence bout markers. 

Digitroll Seed Master Integra
Seed monitoring system

Order number
7400414, 32 rows RDA 400S
7400415, 48 rows RDA 600S/J
7400416, 64 rows RDA 800S/J
7400417, 72 rows RDA 600C
7400418, 96 rows RDA 800C
Our system for supervising blockage of seed and fertiliser, consists of an in cab monitor connected to sensors on each seed and fertiliser hose.

Filling auger Rapid A
Filling auger

Order number
7100395 RDA 400-800S s/n:14800-
7100396 RDA 600-800C/J s/n: 101-

The hydraulically powered filling auger simplifies refilling of seed and fertiliser, from a comfortable working height. Made from stainless steel, with dimensions 5.5 m x 200 mm, which gives a capacity of 50 m³/h.

Machine model plate

To make ordering easier, note the size and serial number of your machine – these are given on a metal plate on the machine.