Upgrade your Vaderstad Rollex / Rexius

Versatility combined with quality and productivity.

Narrow transport width


News 2011 Double-Knife sets hard against hard
Single-Knife or Double-Knife


Order number Rollex
7105091 Single-Knife RX 450
7105095 Double-Knife RX 450
7105092 Single-Knife RX 510
7105096 Double-Knife RX 510
7105093 Single-Knife RX 620
7105097 Double-Knife RX 620

Order number Rexius
7105192 Double-Knife RS 650
7105193 Double-Knife RS 820
7105194 Double-Knife RS 940
7105195 Double-Knife RS 1020


Fitting Single- or Double-Knife to the roller gives maximum effect on clods and difficult surface conditions. The knives break up the soil so that Crossboard can distribute it evenly across the field. The result means that the number of passes before drilling can be reduced.

Crossboard Heavy


Order number
7105023 RX 450 
7105024 RX 510
7105025 RX 620

7105046 RS 650
7105047 RS 820
7105048 RS 940
7105049 RS 1020

Crossboard, when fitted to Rexius, transforms the machine into a superior soil preparation system of the highest calibre available. The tines are controlled from the tractor cab and are capable of carrying and crushing huge volumes of heavy, cloddy soil

Drawbar extension
Drawbar extension


Order number
7105011  For retrofitted Crossboard

7105041  Drawbar extension extra long

When the roller is attached behind another implement, an extra long drawbar is needed.  

Extension kits for Rexius

Extension kits for Rexius


Order number
7105410 RS 650 to RS 820
7105413 RS 650 to RS 940

7105412 RS 650 to RS 820
7105415 RS 650 to RS 940

7105064 RS 650 to RS 820
7105065 RS 650 to RS 940

Increase the working width and therefore the capacity of your existing roller without compromising the quality.

Stone tray
Stone trays


Order number
7405062 Rollex
7405063 Rexius

Stone trays (2) can now be emptied without the driver having to leave the cab.


  Order number
7105302 Rexius 650
7105305 Rexius 820
7105308 Rexius 940
7105376 Rollex 450
7105377 Rollex 510
7105378 Rollex 620
BioDrill is a flexible pneumatic seedbox for small-seeded species that are sown in the same pass as cultivation. Can not be fitted on Rexius with bogie wheels.  

Machine model plate
Machine model plate


To make ordering easier, note the size and serial number of your machine – these are given on a metal plate on the machine.