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Swift 720


Swift is a flexible cultivator with low draught requirement.

An effective cultivator for both wet and dry years that works down to 20 cm. The vibrating tines create a flow of fine soil crumbs that lower the draught requirement and thus also the fuel consumption. The spacious construction can handle large amounts of harvest trash.

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Unique frame construction

Round pipe axles are fitted through square-profile pipes. This creates a frame construction with stronger welds and higher durability. Round pipes give a strong, warp-resistant frame and are better at absorbing loads. In round pipes there are no concentrations of stress, since they have the same properties in all directions.

The unique construction with two frame axles, each of which carries two rows of vibrating tines, gives excellent through-flow of large amounts of harvest trash. A smaller front axle with six tines completes the tine distribution on the cultivator. Swift has a strong construction that leads to long life, while also requiring little maintenance. 




Flexing design

Swift has a flexing design, which means that the wings and centre section follow the contours of the soil independently of each other. All Swift sizes are equipped with large 520 mm carrying wheels on the centre section for stable passage at high speed on cloddy soils.

The 520 mm wide pivoting support wheels on Swift 640, 720 and 870 provide uniform working depth and good responsiveness and the large diameter results in a stable passage after the tractor during intensive cultivation at high speed. The support wheels are controlled hydraulically by a master and slave system. Easily visible scales provide the driver with a fast, clear indication of the pre-set working depth.
For Swift 560, pivoting 400 mm support wheels are available as an option.







Tines with 3-year warranty

The vibrating Swift tines together with the MixIn shin create a fine tilth. The Swift tines vibrate with a frequency of up to 100 times/second. The narrow tine spacing of 19.3 cm permits full mixing in one pass without wide wing points. The incorporation of plant material is completed by the MixIn shin.
The Swift tines have been thoroughly tested and are made from high quality steel. Therefore we offer a three-year warranty against tine fractures.




Hydraulic levellers

The work is finished off by maintenance-free levelling discs. Both the working depth and the levelling discs can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab on the go to ensure optimal results in all conditions.




Several possible toolbars

Swift can be fitted with either following harrow tines (12 mm) or powerful rebounding tiller tines (9.5 x 45 mm). The following harrow tines give a finer seedbed, while the tiller tines give a rougher levelling effect.  
A third alternative is the new EasyRunner. It is a 340 mm consolidating packer with an L-profile. Its construction, with an angled steel bar, means that it has an aggressive edge for breaking up clods, while it also has a flat part on which the packer rests and which maintains depth control. This combination of good depth control paired with aggression distinguishes it from conventional cage packers. EasyRunner is designed for Swift 560, 640 and 720.







Hitch on a roller

To achieve sufficient reconsolidation, it is easy to attach a roller using the hitch-on towbar on the machine.

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Swift concept zones 

1. Stabilization pivoting support wheels

Swift 720 and 870 are equipped with pivoting support wheels on the wing sections, while Swift 560 is equipped with fixed support wheels. These support wheels ensure a uniform working depth and give good soil contouring and stable passage when the machine is turning on headlands.

2. Loosening and mixing

With 19.3 cm between the tines, Swift has a denser tine spacing than most other cultivators on the market. This spacing ensures good crumbling of the soil also at shallow working depths.

The continuously vibrating tines help to lower the draught requirement.

The MixIn shin throws soil forwards in a cascade of fine material and plant residues. This is mixed once more when it has landed and the tines pass over and throw it up again. In heavy soil the throw angle effectively breaks the soil flow and leaves it nicely crumbled.

3. Levelling

Rotating levellers level the soil ridge after the last tine row, to ensure a perfect work result. They are hydraulically adjustable from the tractor cab on the go.

The rotating levellers are attached with rubber suspension on a triangular axle. The rubber suspension absorbs impacts and vibrations and thus protects the frame. The star-shaped levellers are manufactured from Väderstad V-55 special hardened Swedish steel, which can endure a high degree of wear.

4. Final touch

Swift can be fitted with following harrow tines or Tiller tines to further improve the working result. The harrow tines stratify the surface layer, bringing the larger aggregates to the top. The heavier Tiller tines will level and give a slight consolidation. EasyRunner is a packer option. The EasyRunner has a sharp edge that cuts clods while the flat part acts as a depth keeper.


Standard Features

Swift pivoting support wheel Support wheels
Swift upgraded Unique tines
3 year warranty
Swift Spacious frame
Levelling discs Levelling discs
Transport Swift Narrow transport width

Shin options

MixIn shin 50 mm MixIn shin for 50 mm
MixIn shin 80 mm MixIn shin for 80 mm
Twisted shin Twisted shin

Point options

Point 50 mm Point 50 mm
Point 50 mm Point 80 mm
Point Marathon 50 mm Marathon point 50 mm
Point Marathon 80 mm Marathon point 80 mm and wing shares
Goosefoot Goosefoot point

Following tools

Swift 720 Following harrow
Following harrow tiller tines Tiller
Rear drawbar Swift and roller Rear drawbar extension


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar couplings
Drawbar Swift Drawbar