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Rollex / Rexius

Versatility combined with quality and productivity.

Väderstad can offer a broad selection of levelling and cultivating rollers, all of which have a long life owing to their ingenious construction. Many of these rollers can be equipped with CrossBoard, which has master & slave hydraulics, ensuring perfect depth control across the entire working width. With BioDrill the roller also becomes a high precision seed drill.

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The roller – also a soil cultivating implement

The traditional use of the roller is to ensure that seeds make good contact with the soil and have optimal growing conditions, while also pressing stones down into the soil so that they do not pose problems during combine harvesting. Modern rollers are capable of more and are also a soil cultivating implement for everything from crust breaking to levelling of ploughed soil.






CrossBoard levels the way

CrossBoard with double-acting stabiliser bar is an option. The bar ensures that all CrossBoard tines work at the pre-set depth and carry out maximum cultivation, without the individual tines moving backwards and forwards. The bar can easily be removed when cultivating lighter soils or if greater throughflow is needed.




The intensity of work can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab and CrossBoard is fitted with a master & slave system so that the different segments of the roller maintain the same position.



With the SingleKnife tool fitted on CrossBoard, the cultivation effect is upgraded further. Where there is a hard crust, Rexius and Rollex rollers with CrossBoard and the DoubleKnife crust-breaking tool can give large yield increases. The advantage with DoubleKnife is that a hard cultivation can be carried out without ripping up the soil, since the action is directed forwards. These tools are easy to fit, without the need for tools, using the Väderstad QuickChange System.






Extremely responsive in the field

All Väderstad rollers have maintenance free joints and large diameter for long life and good responsiveness in the field. This responsiveness is important in ensuring that all soil is rolled equally well, so that all plants have the same good conditions. The roller sections are freely jointed relative to each other and the construction allows the machine to pass over large irregularities in the field without affecting its responsiveness.  



Built for long life

The rollers are equipped with axles made from microalloy special steel of the highest quality. The rubber suspension of the packer bearings is a Väderstad solution that increases the life of frame, axle and roller rings. The maintenance free bearings have double seals to prevent the entry of dirt.
The roller rings are fitted with plate springs. These increase the precision and help reduce wear, since they prevent the rings from moving back and forth. The maintenance requirement is decreased since the roller rings seldom need to be readjusted.
Bushings and joints are hardened and of very high quality.





Rexius 1230 in transport 

Easy to transport

The rollers are easily folded and the wheels are positioned in the middle, making them easy to transport, while also reducing the weight on the tractor.



Rexius 1230 HeavyDuty


Choose the right ring for the task

  Cambridge (480/485 mm diameter) 

The ring for traditional rolling in leys or growing crops, after drilling or in spring. The large serrated ring has a driving action, while the narrow ring gives the roller a certain soil cultivating ability, while also keeping it clean. Axle diameter 55 mm.
  Cambridge HeavyDuty (550/565 mm diameter)

For heavier soils with autumn tillage, where an extra reconsolidating effect is required to restore capillarity. The larger diameter decreases inertia. Axle diameter 60 mm.
  Crosskill (470/520 mm diameter)

Soil cultivating ring with aggressive profile that leaves a loose, crusting resistant surface while reconsolidating the soil at depth. The great difference in ring diameter not only gives a self-cleaning effect but also offset behaviour, processing more soil in light conditions and thus lowering the draught requirement. Axle diameter 55 mm.
  SteelRunner (550 mm diameter) Rexius 500-650 

Aggressive cultivating roller with high point pressure through the deep profile. Consolidates at the surface and at depth and leaves a well-drained, crusting resistant surface. Equipped with hanging scrapers which keep the roller clean even in wet conditions. Axle diameter 60 mm.


Rollex/Rexius options

Horizontal row: 1) Cambridge packer 2) Crosskill packer 3) Cambridge HeavyDuty packer 4) SteelRunner packer  5) Single wheel 6) Tandem wheel 7) CrossBoard 8) BioDrill



Specific advantages of different rollers

Rollex is the flexible roller in the segment 4.50-6.2 m working width. The powerful frame of 200x100x10 mm is very well suited for the working widths of Rollex and guarantees long life. The transport wheels are 25.4 cm wide. Rollex has a transport width of 2.8 m.
The Rexius rollers are equipped with a very substantial frame (250x150x10mm) to withstand tough conditions and it also gives a higher weight per metre, up to 800 kg, which is an advantage during rolling. Rexius is available in working widths up to 12.3 m and has a range of different packer options to choose from. Rexius comes supplied with sturdy 400 mm wide wheels. Tandem wheels are available as an option on certain models. Rexius has an impressively narrow transport width of only 2.5 m.




Pick up stones when you see them

Rolling is often a perfect opportunity to clear the field of stones that have come up to the surface during tillage or frost periods. With the optional stone trays fitted on the roller, large amounts of stones can be picked up quickly and easily and the field is left ready for drilling or harvesting with no risk of stone damage to machinery.


Rexius 1230 HeavyDuty




Hitch the roller behind a soil cultivating implement

A roller with Cambridge rings together with NZ Aggressive creates a fine seedbed for small-seeded crops in a single pass.
If additional reconsolidation is needed after the cultivator, a roller can be hitched on behind. This also helps break down clods and level the soil.



Rexius 1230 with BioDrill BDA 360   Rexius 1230 with BioDrill BDA 360


BioDrill turns the roller into a seed drill

With BioDrill on a Väderstad roller, it is possible to sow grasses, catch crops and other small-seeded crops. This saves passes, time and money. The seeds are metered out with great precision by the tried and tested Fenix system. The seed nozzles are positioned in front of the roller and ensure an even spread. The roller then buries the seeds in the upper topsoil, where the conditions for germination are best.

Additional opportunities for wider Rexius models

The 10.2 and 12.3 metre wide rollers Rexius and Rexius can be equipped with the electrical radar controlled small seeder BioDrill BDA 360. This opens up new possibilities, including a spreader plate with two different setup alternatives. The first alternative is to let the electrical metering system Fenix distribute small seeded crops like cover crops, catch crops or ley, with the spreader plate mounted in front of the packer. While the second alternative is to mount the spreader plate behind the packer, which thereby opens up for the possibility to spread blackgrass granules or slug pellets together with the roller operation.

Thanks to the heavy consolidation of the roller, combined with BioDrill´s precise and even distribution over the entire working width, Rexius 1020-1230 becomes a key ingredient in slug and blackgrass control.

Rexius 1230 with BioDrill BDA 360
Rexius 1230 with BioDrill BDA 360

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Rexius 1230 roller

Product family Rexius

Rexius and Rollex

Master and slave system


1. Crushing and levelling (option)

The CrossBoard Heavy crushes and levels huge volumes of heavy, cloddy soil. The working angle of the CrossBoard can be controlled from the tractor cab on the go. In this way a wave of soil is pushed in front of the CrossBoard. This grinding effect will even out the field and turn the clods into fine tilth.

The CrossBoard can be equipped with single or double knives. The SingleKnife will cut clods in the top soil in order to reduce clod sizes. The DoubleKnife is a good way to break a crust that prevents the plants from emerging.

CrossBoard can be locked together with a stabilising bar for improved cultivation and levelling.


2. Consolidation

Rexius and Rollex can be equipped with four different types of consolidation press rings. Depending on the needs each ring has its own advantages.

Cambridge packer

The conventional Cambridge rings are a popular choice when mainly using the roller for consolidating seedbeds, pressing down stones or consolidating growing crops in the spring.

It leaves an even surface that is consolidated all the way to the top and hence achieves a good contact between the seed/roots and the soil.

Cambridge rings are available on Rollex 450-620 and Rexius 650-1230.

Crosskill packer

The aggressive Crosskill rings turn the roller into an efficient soil preparation tool. As every second ring turns with different speed it will crush clods and keep itself clean also in humid conditions. This also achieves a loose and crust-resistant surface, above the consolidated zone. The Crosskill ring can be used for rolling growing crops, but care should be taken as it might damage the plant leaves.

Crosskill rings are available on Rollex 450-620 and Rexius 650-1020.

Cambridge HeavyDuty

The HeavyDuty version of the conventional Cambridge ring is a good choice when additional consolidation is needed.

Cambridge HeavyDuty rings are available on Rexius 650-1230.


The hardened steel rings break the heaviest clods. The aggressive profile will press down straw into the surface layer to ensure optimal decomposition. The steel packer is a good choice when connecting the roller behind a stubble cultivator.

SteelRunner is available on Rexius 500-650.

Standard features

Narrow transport width roller Narrow transport width
Maintenance free rubber suspension Rubber suspension
Durable axle rollers Durable axles
Large stone trays Generous stone trays
CrossBoard Master & slave Master and Slave
Contour following
Wing joints Strong wing joints

Ring options

Packer Cambridge Cambridge rings
Packer Crosskill Crosskill rings
Packer Heavy Duty Cambridge HeavyDuty
Packer steel SteelRunner

CrossBoard options

CrossBoard Heavy CrossBoard Heavy
SingleKnife SingleKnife
DoubleKnife DoubleKnife


Rexius 1230 with BioDrill BDA 360 BioDrill
Drawbar extension Drawbar extension
Tandem wheels Tandem wheels Rexius





Effective working width (m) 4,46 5,04 6,22
Transport width (m) 2,3 2,8 2,8
Transport height (m) 1,4 1,4 1,4
Number of sections 3 3 3
Weight with Cambridge (kg) 1900 2200 2540
Weight with Crosskill (kg) 1800 2100 2500
Wheel dimensions (transport wheels) 10,0/75*15,3 10,0/75*15,3 10,0/75*15,3
Hydraulic requirements (SA) * 1 1 1
Draught requirement from (hp) 55 60 70


SA = Single acting
* = if equipped with CrossBoard 2 double acting is needed







Effective working width (m) 5 6,5 8,2
Transport width (m) 2,5 2,5 2,5
Number of sections 3 3 5
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) 3300 4100 -
Weight with Cambridge (kg) - 3300 4100
Weight with Crosskill (kg) - 3300 4100
Weight with Cambridge HeavyDuty (kg) - 4300 5600
Brakes - - P
Wheel dimensions (transport wheels) 11,5/80x15,3 400/60x15,5 400/60x15,5
Hydraulic requirements (DA)  1 1 * 1 *
Draught requirement from (hp) 60 70 90


P = Pneumatic
DA = Double acting
* = if equipped with CrossBoard 2 DA is needed







Effective working width (m) 9,4 10,2 12,3
Transport width (m) 2,5 2,5 2,5
Number of sections 5 5 5
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) - - -
Weight with Cambridge (kg) 4400 4700 5800
Weight with Crosskill (kg) 4400 4700 -
Weight with Cambridge HeavyDuty (kg) 6200 6500 7380 
Brakes P P P
Wheel dimensions (transport wheels) 400/60x15,5 400/60x15,5 400/60x15,5
Hydraulic requirements (DA) 1 * 1 * 1 *
Draught requirement from (hp) 100 110 120


P = Pneumatic
DA = Double acting
* = if equipped with CrossBoard 2 DA is needed


Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.