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Rexius Twin
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Rexius Twin

The heaviest press roller

Rexius Twin is a multifunctional heavyweight!

Rexius Twin is one of the quickest ways to transform a ploughed cloddy soil into a perfect seedbed. In one pass it will effectively work through the soil, level and crush clods leaving a moist and well consolidated surface prepared for immediate drilling.

Being one of the heaviest presses on the market it can handle all soil types including heavy clay.

Two rows of Raptor tines will prepare the soil down to 15 cm. A Crossboard Heavy will crush the hardest clods and level the surface. The working depth as well as the Crossboard angle can be adjusted from the cab on the go. The cultivation is finished with a heavy big diameter twin packer that will press the soil and further crush clods. The packers cut, crush and consolidate everything that comes in their path.

Rexius Twin is available from 4.5 to 10.3 m working width.

Tested in very tough conditions

Rexius Twin has a high quality design and has been tested in the toughest conditions possible. Frame, tines, wheels and hydraulics have proven reliability with years of experience built in.

Rexius Twin in ploughed land

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Master and slave system

Saves time, saves fuel, saves money!


1. Cultivation

The Raptor tines prepare a ploughed or cultivated land into a seedbed - often in one pass. The tines are very strong and are able to operate down to 15 cm depth. A tine spacing of 20 cm is standard, with a row stagger of 40 cm. Cultivation intensity can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab during work.

2. Crushing/levelling

The Crossboard Heavy is capable of carrying and crushing huge volumes of heavy, cloddy soil. The aggressiveness can be changed from the cab during work. In even tougher conditions the Crossboard tines can be locked together with a stabilising rod.

When lifting the Raptor tines on the headland, the Crossboard will lift half way giving a slight levelling also when turning.

3. Consolidation

The two rows of 73 cm diameter press rings have a sharp outer edge to cut the clods. A 10 cm shoulder limits the working depth of the ring on soft soil. The firm, ridged profile left by the rings quickly regains capillary action and drains well. Regular wetting and drying in the ridges allows the weather to finish the seedbed preparations for the user.

Thanks to the interlocking of every second ring and the off set placement of the two packers the Rexius Twin is able to operate in difficult conditions without blocking.

Standard features

Rexius Twin Raptor tines
Crossboard Heavy Crossboard Heavy
Twin packer Twin packer
Rubber packer suspension Packer rubber suspension
Spring suspended interlocking Spring suspended interlocking

Point options

Ripper point 40 mm standard Ripper 40 mm (standard)
Raptor 40 mm 15 mm thick
Marathon point 25 mm Marathon point 25 mm
Cultus point 70 mm Cultus point 70 mm wide


Third tine row
Track eradicator Rexius Twin Track eradicator
SingleKnife Single-Knife
Single- or DoubleKnife Double-Knife

Technical specification Rexius Twin