TrueCut 470 discs for more aggressive cultivation

The TrueCut 470 millimetre disc offers aggressive, deeper and more homogenous cultivation. With an improved soil grip it gains the added power to handle more plant trash. 

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Most visible to the eye is the slightly enhanced disc diameter and the milled instead of punched cutouts. The distinctive and slightly larger “TrueCut-cutouts” penetrate the ground and crush and mix crop residues efficiently; leading to faster decomposition and a better field hygiene.

Another advantage of the new design and manufacturing technology is that the disc provides the same surface of attack around the entire edge. The disc profile remains uniform, with an even wear and work result during its life cycle.

TrueCut 470, like all Väderstad discs, has a conical shape to ensure a good soil flow through the machine; and to preserve the same cultivation angle to the ground regardless of wear.

TruCut discs

Cutouts TrueCut   470 mm TrueCut disc


TrueCut 470 (parts number: 179857) is compatible with the following machine models:

Carrier 300-400
Serial number 4100-*
Only with forged disc arm**

Carrier X 425-625
Serial number 101-
Only with forged disc arm**
Require 485901-SP***

Carrier 420-1225
Serial number 4100-*
Only with forged disc arm**
Serial number 11520- require 485901-SP***

TopDown 300-900
Serial number 136-*
Only with forged disc arm **

* Carrier s/n 4100-, TopDown s/n 136-
The Carrier and TopDown disc arms were extended when the disc size went from Ø432 mm to Ø450 mm.

** Forged disc arms on machine
Disc arms made out of forged steel are strong enough for Ø470 mm, tube or plate arms are not.

*** X-disc arm 485901-SP is required.
Change from X-disc arm 160030 to X-disc arm 485901-SP in order to use Ø470 mm discs.

Forged disc arm artnr 167835   X disc arm art nr 485901
Forged disc arm   X-disc arm