CrossCutter Disc runs clean

A Carrier attachment that effectively takes care of rapeseed residues and enhances the conditions for increased profitability.

By fitting CrossCutter Disc instead of discs on Carrier, very uniform ultra-shallow cultivation can be carried out. With 3 cm working depth, volunteer rape and weed seeds germinate and can be controlled optimally. This improves field hygiene and thus profitability. Work can be carried out from 15 km/h and upwards, which gives great capacity and low fuel consumption.

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Film with CrossCutter Disc in action


CrossCutter Disc provides new conditions

CrossCutter DiscRapeseed residues and harvest residues cause a great deal of plant competition and are a source of the spread of disease. This is particularly the case after the rapeseed harvest. Rapeseed residues are natural survivors and can lie dormant for decades before they begin their undesirable germination.

CrossCutter Disc creates conditions where a very high percentage of the seeds germinate thus eliminating the problem with adding seeds to the seed bank.


CrossCutter Disc