New products 2016

Crister Stark

Innovations for easier and more efficient farming

Developing machines and methods that help make farming more efficient is in Väderstad’s genes. We are constantly working on finding new solutions designed to make fieldwork easier. Sometimes this finds expression in smart updates of existing machine models; at other times completely new machines may see the light of day.

Over the years, thanks to our committed staff and the valuable insights we receive from you farmers, we have been able to present a wide range of innovations. Going back a little in time, it was Rapid that revolutionised seed drills, and Carrier that did the same for the soil cultivation segment. More recently, for instance, we see E-Control with machine control via iPad, SeedEye with electronic seed counting and simplified calibration, as well as CrossBoard, the award-winning automatic machine setting system.

The joy and delight we take in inventing things is just as strong as ever it was, and we hope that some of this year’s new products will come in useful on your farm.

Signature Crister Stark
Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board and product developer