Our production

In order to meet the increasing demand the factory is currently undergoing a change program to increase productivity thus capacity. With the aim to make the production more efficicent and flexible a new painting area was installed, as well as improved conveyer belts, plus the manual welding area was expanded.

"We are currently reviewing and optimizing the flow in the factory with the aim to increase the production capacity and greater quality control. From the point where the inputs arrive until the assembled machines leave the factory", says Maria Bogren production manager at Väderstad.

Flight image VVAB factory
The current Väderstad factory located in the small village Väderstad. The photo was taken in June 2013.

State of the art production

Väderstad has invested heavily in its production facilities during the last few years. With the purpose to streamline the production to shorten delivery times for waiting farmers.

Laser hall
One of the 3D-laser machines in the "laser hall"

In year 2008 the factory was expanded with two buildings that are linked by an underground tunnel for transportation of steel. One of the buildings is a completely new internal steel depot and in the second building the new ‘laser hall’ with 3D-laser machines.

Väderstads first underground
Väderstad's first underground connects the steel storage with the laser hall

Materials are being stored and transferred from the new steel depot daily in a quick, smooth process.The traverse with magnetic hoist is very time-saving. Pipe and bar materials can be stacked in a more efficient way because there are no hoisting chains in the way. The infrastructure for completely automated materials handling is being constructed. Over time, production will be almost entirely automated, with even better precision in manufacturing.

Väderstad aquired a subcontractor

Robots at SPH

In year 2011 Väderstad purchased the strategic and growing subcontractor Svensk Presshärdning AB, SPH. The company manufactures forged and hardened parts such as Rapid and Carrier discs and points for other product types. The manufacturing is fully automated with 30 robots and through the purchase Väderstad has full control over production and quality.

“We see great opportunities for producing larger volumes and a greater range of items at SPH in Överum. The company currently has an annual turnover of around 110 MSEK and employs around 25 people”, says Crister Stark.

Production in Canada

Seed Hawk factory
The Seed Hawk factory located in Langbank, Saskatchewan Canada

In 2013 did Väderstad take full ownership of the Canadian company Seed Hawk, in which it has been a part-owner since 2006. Seed Hawk is a manufacturer of air seeders based in Langbank, Canada. The acquisition will permit expansion on the North American market.

Seed Hawk aquisition
The contract was signed in Regina on the 15th of October 2013. From the left sitting; Pat Beaujot, Crister Stark, Christina Stark. From the left standing Nicklas Bjersér, Brian Dean and Andreas Stark.

Seed Hawk has over 250 employees working at the facility in Langbank, Canada. The factory was recently expanded and the facilities total at this stage 15 000 m². Mainly carts and bars are manufactured at this plant with the majority sold domestically.