Spirit Strip-Till testing underway

The Väderstad Strip-Till prototype at Agritechnica generated a great interest in the farming community. Ever since, the research & development has continued and several Spirit drills have been equipped with Strip-Till technology. 

Sprit Strip-Till in France 

The Spirit Strip-Till was tested around the area of Champagne, in France. Whilst drilling, the tillage depth was altered gradually for comparison.  The remaining part of the field was drilled with a Rapid and Spirit drill as a point of reference. The three different areas will be harvested separately to identify the most successful practice.

Spring seeding is relatively small on the continent but the trials are still important for future development and working practice.

The farmer Benoit Darnet is very positive about the Väderstad Spirit Strip-Till

“I believe this can be a great solution for farmers in France. The machine does an impressive job and it looks as though a 20 centimetres  tillage depth is optimal for us. It looks like we can pull a Strip-Till drill with a reasonable draft requirement, which is fantastic news”, says Benoit Darnet.

Väderstad group
The seeding depth and fertiliser position is monitored by from left, Benoit Darnet, Crister Stark, Joël Plançon, Fabrice Magisson and Sébastien Grosmaire.

Spirit Strip-Till in France
Spring sowing due to severe frost damage on the winter wheat. The Strip-Till tines cut through the soil which has a clay content of about 43 percent .The tillage depth is about 20 cm.