Upgrade your Vaderstad Tempo F

Pushing the limits in high speed precision drilling

Tempo gallery


Tempo gallery
Fertiliser kit

Parts number
7120002 TPF 6
7120003 TPF 8

A central fertiliser hopper makes it easy to fill the machine with fertiliser from small or large bags.

Tempo gallery
Micro granulate


Parts number
7120008 TPF 6
7120009 TPF 8

The micro granulate boxes can hold 17 litres each and are used for either a starter fertiliser or a pesticide, which is placed in the same furrow as the seed.

Tempo gallery
Bout markers


Parts number
7120006 TPF 6
7120007 TPF 8

The bout markers leave a clear trace, even in min-till systems.

Tempo gallery
Row cleaners


Parts number
7120004 TPF 6
7120005 TPF 8

In min-till cultivation row cleansers are recommended.



Machine model plate


To make ordering easier, note the size and serial number of your machine – these are given on a metal plate on the machine.