Upgrade your Vaderstad Swift - Vaderstad

Swift is a flexible cultivator with low draught requirement. The design of the frame makes the machine lighter and stronger.

News 2011 Swift upgraded according to customer requests


Rear drawbar Swift and roller
Rear hitch-on drawbar

Parts number

The hitch-on drawbar allows a ring roller to be drawn behind Swift, which means that two operations can be carried out in one pass – very efficient when time is scarce. Particularly useful in a first cultivation after harvest to create a false seedbed.

Following harrow
Following harrow


Parts number

7107090 SW 400
7107091 SW 440
7107082 SW 560
7107083 SW 720
7107084 SW 870

A following implement with ordinary harrow tines fitted further improves the smoothness of the surface. The harrow tines sieve the surface layer; larger soil aggregates are brought to the surface and finer materials are carried down below.





Parts number

7107092 SW 400
7107093 SW 440 7107085 SW 560
7107086 SW 720
7107087 SW 870

A following implement with tiller tines fitted to further improve levelling, reconsolidation and work outcome. Angle of attack and working pressure are easily adjusted by pin and crank.

Machine plate
Machine model plate


To make ordering easier, note the size and serial number of your machine – these are given on a metal plate on the machine.