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Tempo T product image
Tempo T product image

Tempo T

A robust planter connected to 3 point linkage with flexible row distance

A new standard for precision at high speed

Väderstad Tempo sets a new standard for planting at a high speed. With Tempo, planting can be done at high speed and precision and accuracy remains exceptional. The result is an unique combination of even crop establishment and superior capacity.

When developing the seed meter for Tempo the aim was to plant 28 seeds/second. The result, the Gilstring Seed meter, achieving impressive results even at the highest speeds. One of the key features is the pressurised seed transport, the so called "Power shoot".

Tempo T is a telescopic version of Tempo that is carried in the three point linkage.


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Tempo T 


Tempo T settings 


Tempo T seed meter


Comparing Tempo seed meter with competitor


Telescopic retraction of the outer row unit in transport


 Cylinder for telescopic retraction of row unit


Gilstring meterTempo is not only quick; the perfect seed placement is what really makes it stand out from the crowd. Tempo is more accurate and the seed meter assures perfect placement for every seed. This precision is of greatest importance to maximise the yield.

The seed meter, called the Gilstring seed meter, and the seed tube is pressurised. This means that the seed is "shoot" through the short seed tube and is therefore insensitive for both slopes and vibrations. We call this technology "Power shoot".




Grease free linkage
WS 9 Electronics
Press wheel Press wheel
Closing wheel Closing wheel
Seed discs
Simple service
Tempo T Telescope Hydraulic telescope
Hydraulic fan Hydraulic driven fan and alternator


Row cleaner Row cleaners
Micro granulate box Micro granulate
Tempo T product image Marker arms
High air inlet Elevated air inlet
Tempo T with combi Fertiliser
Fertiliser coulter Fertiliser coulters
E-control Electronics

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