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Rubber roller, marker arm
Carrier Drill steel roller


CarrierDrill - Two machines in one

Väderstad CarrierDrill is two machines in one. With CarrierDrill, all soil tillage and drilling can be carried out with only one machine. Few other systems on the market can compare in terms of capital binding and versatility. CarrierDrill is equally suitable in a shallow cultivation system or in a system with ploughing.

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For shallow cultivation

In a shallow cultivation system, one or two passes are made with CarrierDrill directly after harvest to start straw decomposition and to encourage spilled seeds and weeds to germinate. At the two-leaf stage, these can be controlled by spraying, e.g. with glyphosate, or another pass with the cultivator. The soil is then ready for drilling with CarrierDrill.






CrossBoard clears the way

CrossBoard with double-acting stabiliser bar is an option for CarrierDrill. The bar ensures that all CrossBoard tines work at the pre-set depth and carry out maximum cultivation, without the individual tines moving forwards and backwards. CrossBoard efficiently crushes furrows and levels the soil surface ahead of the intensive cultivating work of the discs. During stubble cultivation, CrossBoard can be folded up completely.
With the SingleKnife tool fitted on CrossBoard, the cultivation effect is upgraded further. These tools are easy to fit, without the need for tools, using the Väderstad QuickChange System.




Maximum endurance

The disc arms are forged and all cylinder mountings are fitted with the anti-long hole solution, which greatly extends the life and the precision. The shape of the disc arm and the placement of the disc bearing are designed to cope with high flows of material.

The discs are made from Swedish V-55 quality steel for maximum endurance and long life. The machine exerts a weight of up to 167 kg per disc, which keeps the discs at the pre-set depth. The conical shape of the discs means that the angle of attack on the soil remains the same throughout the life of the machine.





Seed hopper with reliable metering

CarrierDrill has a 1100-litre seed hopper, which means that 4-6 ha can be drilled per refill. The metering system is the well-tested system also used on Rapid. A large drive wheel follows the soil surface and drives a gearbox. This gearbox can be set steplessly for all seed sizes, at rates from 2 to 300 kg/ha. Exact seed metering is essential for uniform emergence.
The seed is placed in a strip in the wake of every disc and is covered by the flow of soil from the neighbouring disc. The seed nozzles are made completely from steel and are easy to replace.




Effective reconsolidation

CarrierDrill exerts a weight of 850 kg/m working width, paving the way for good penetration and good contact between seed and soil. The packer is 600 mm in diameter and has either a rubber body or more aggressive steel rings.
The dangling scrapers efficiently clear the packer of soil.






Spring-loaded following harrow

The following harrow, which is spring-loaded and easily adjustable, leaves a loose surface layer.

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Product family CarrierDrill


1. Levelling (option)

The CrossBoard levels the soil and crushes clods efficiently. A removable stabilising bar makes the CrossBoard even tougher.

2. Cultivation and Drilling

CarrierDrill works with 125 mm row distance for full cut out and narrow seed spacing. Two rows of conical and serrated 450 mm discs give very intensive cultivation and mix the soil together with harvest trash. Each disc is suspended individually on one coulter arm to enable perfect through flow and depth precision. The disc size and shape works with a high rotation velocity resulting in smaller particles and thus a better seed bed.

The seed is broadcasted by a maintenance free steel seed tube in a band behind each disc. The seeds are covered by soil from the neighbouring discs.

3. Consolidation

The RubberRunner or SteelRunner consolidates the soil to ensure a good seed-to-soil contact when drilling. During cultivation the packer will aggressively crush clods and achieve an evaporation barrier. Pending scrapers keep the packer clean also during difficult conditions.

4. Loosening (option)

The following harrow creates a loose evaporation barrier that prevents the surface from crusting after heavy rain. The harrow is positioned to run in-between the seed rows. The working angle and pressure can be adjusted.

Standard Features

System Disc Aggressive System Disc Aggressive
Rubber suspension
One disc - one arm
Sealed bearings
Seed coulters
Metering system Carrier Drill Metering system
Hopper Hopper
Carrier Drill with half-machine shut-off Half machine shut off
User friendly depth setting User friendly depth setting


SteelRunner 180x110px SteelRunner
(mounted version)
RubberRunner RubberRunner
(mounted or trailed)


Carrier Drill Crossboard Drawbar
NZA CrossBoard SingleKnife SingleKnife
Carrier Drill marker arm Marker arms
Following harrow
Carrier Drill ControlStation-Bio ControlStation Bio
Tramline system


Hydraulically carried


300S Steel

300S Rubber

300S Rubber

Working width (m) 3,0 3,0  3,0
Hopper capacity (l) 1100 1100  1100
Basic weight (kg) 2150 2000  2200
Ø SteelRunner (mm) 600 - -
Ø RubberRunner (mm) -
586 586
Disc diameter (mm)  450 450 450
Number of discs/coulters  24 24 24
Hydraulic requirement 1-2 DA 1-2 DA 1-2 DA
Draft requirements (hp) 120 120 120
Rec. working speed (km/h) 8-14 8-14 8-14



Double acting


Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.