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Cultus 420

Cultus 420-500

Performance and reliability

Cultus is the cultivator for those looking for power, performance and durability. The construction of Cultus, with its close tine spacing and MixIn deflectors, means that soil and harvest trash are worked down to 30 cm depth and mixed several times in a single pass. The field is ready for drilling after one pass. The depth setting can be changed from the cab on the go.


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Seedbed ready in one pass

Cultus is a winning combination of performance and reliability. Cultus combines the efficiency needed for reliable soil cultivation with a simple but robust construction. The results are convincing, as farmers who have seen Cultus transform newly harvested fields with heavy crop trash into a finished seedbed in only one or two passes can testify.



Cultus 420 from top


Built to last

The main frame on Cultus 420-500 is made from square-profile steel with dimensions 200 x 100 x 10 mm. That gives it great durability and the ability to withstand stresses over many hectares of tough work. 
Four axles are positioned 80 cm apart and the distance between the tines on each axle is 80 cm for maximum throughflow. The 85 cm frame clearance ensures there is sufficient space even at maximum working depth.




Well-tested tines

The durability of the springs and tines has been tested over many tens of thousands of impacts in the test rig and on countless hectares in the field on working farms before being released onto the market. For stable, gap-free attachment, the tine is held in place by a maintenance-free Väderstad solution based on a sleeve with conical ends, against which two concave sleeves are tightened with a bolt. The double springs on the tines give better depth control and extend the life, since the vibrations from the two springs cancel each other out. The horizontal positioning of the spring unit increases the ability of the tine to absorb strong impacts without deformation, a great advantage on stony soils.





MixIn shin in work cultus 


Intensive cultivation

The point breaks up soil and with the help of the tine shape and curve, this flow of soil is directed up along the tine and then along the shin until it breaks up in a cascade of finely distributed soil and trash.
The bowed shape of the MixIn shin makes it a phenomenal soil cultivator. The soil is lifted up, thrown forward in a circular movement and mixed once again when it lands, as the tine reaches it and throws it up once more. This means that a single pass with Cultus actually has a double cultivation effect.
For Cultus, a very wide range of shins and points are available to satisfy widely varying cultivation requirements.






Working depth is set from the cab

The maximum working depth for Cultus is 30 cm, but the machine also works very well in shallow cultivation. The working depth is controlled hydraulically from the cab, which makes Cultus a flexible precision cultivator on varying soil types. 




Support wheels give excellent depth control

The broad front support wheels give Cultus excellent depth control. The large diameter of the wheels ensures a smooth passage and lowers the draught requirement. The reconsolidation packer is hydraulically linked with the support wheels, so no separate adjustments of the support wheels are needed for support wheels or packer when the depth is being changed.  




Rotating levellers

Rotating levelling discs with maintenance-free bearings leave an even surface.




Reliable reconsolidation

Reconsolidation in stubble cultivation is important in encouraging weed and volunteer seeds to germinate. For subsequent cultivations it restores capillarity and speeds up the decomposition of harvest trash.
For Cultus 420-500 there are two packer options, RubberRunner and SteelRunner. RubberRunner (800 mm diameter) gives good consolidation and is suitable for most conditions. On light soils RubberRunner is greatly superior thanks to its large diameter. The packer has very low inertia and the risk of drag is practically non-existent. It has high durability and has been tested in 6000 km of road transport.
SteelRunner (600 mm diameter) is the best option when more aggressive consolidation is required, for example on heavy soils. SteelRunner has a good ability to run clean, even in wet conditions.





BioDrill turns Cultus into a seed drill

BioDrill 360 with pneumatic seed hopper is designed to be installed on the larger Cultus models.
The efficient cultivation action of Cultus mixes in harvest trash and creates a fine finish, which provides good conditions for sowing oilseed rape and other small-seeded crops. With BioDrill, all this can be done in one pass. The seeds are released in front of the packer and well covered during rolling. Cultus leaves a smooth, fine surface in which the seeds can germinate in a seedbed that saves soil moisture

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Cultus 420-500



Product family Cultus

Cultus 420

Foldable tine on Cultus

Cultus with BioDrill BDX

New results with our new 50/80 point (English version)

Cultus concept

1. Cultivation

The shape and position of the tines are two of the secrets behind the impressive tillage results of Cultus. The tines loosen the soil and give a good mix in of crop residues. The frame height of 85 cm provides a spacious construction that allows soil and harvest trash to be mixed together and passed through the machine. Cultivation is very intensive down to 25 cm working depth.

The tine has a 450 kg release force which ensures perfect depth keeping also in heavy conditions.

2. Levelling

The levellers on Cultus level out any furrows left by the final row of tines. Disc levellers are mounted on rubber suspensions, which ensures good contouring also in heavy soils paired with high stone tolerance.

3. Reconsolidation

Soil consolidation is an important part of thorough soil cultivation. A good reconsolidation is the key to getting volunteer seeds to germinate, whereby they can be controlled mechanically or chemically. Reconsolidation is also good for preserving moisture in the soil.

SteelRunner is the alternative when more aggressive reconsolidation is required, for example on heavier and stony soils. The SteelRunner can work also in wet conditions and has a good ability to run cleanly thanks to the pending scrapers. The steel packer rings are manufactured from hardened special steel for long life. The profile of the steel packer exerts a slicing and tilling action on plant residues and soil clods.

The 800 mm diameter RubberRunner gives good reconsolidation and is suitable for the light and medium heavy conditions. On light soils the rubber packer is superior thanks to its large diameter. The packer has a high wear resistance. Available for Cultus 420.

Standard Features

Cultus Wide support wheels
Robust tine construction
Maintenance free fastening Maintenance free fastening
Levelling disc Cultus Levelling discs
Tine levellers Cultus Tine levellers

Point options

Point 50 mm Point 50 mm
Point 50 mm Point 80 mm
Point 120 mm Point 120 mm
Point 210 mm Point 210 mm
LowDisturbance point LowDisturbance point
DeepLoosening point DeepLoosening point
Wing share Wing shares 300 mm
Point Marathon 50 mm Marathon point 50 mm
Point Marathon 80 mm Marathon point 80 mm and wing shares
Wing share Marathon Marathon wing shares 300 mm
MixIn shin 50 mm MixIn shin for 50 mm
MixIn shin 80 mm MixIn shin for 80 mm
MixIn shin for 120 mm
Twisted shin Twisted shin 80 mm
Twisted shin Inward throwing shin

Packer options

SteelRunner SteelRunner
RubberRunner RubberRunner


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar coupling (Cultus 500)
Foldable tine Cultus Foldable tines
BioDrill in the field BioDrill




Effective working width (m) 4,2 5,0
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0
Transport height (m) 3,0 3,3
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) 5800 6600
Weight with RubberRunner (kg) 5600 -
Number of tines 19 25
Tine spacing (cm) 22 20
Brakes H/P H/P
Recommended working speed (km/h) 8-12 8-12
Wheel dimension (support wheels) 400/60x15,5 400/60x15,5
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) * 400/60x15,5 400/60x15,5
Hydraulic requirement (DA) ** 3/4 3/4
Draught requirement from (hp) 210 250


H = Hydraulic
P = Pneumatic
DA = Double acting
* = when equipped with SteelRunner
** = RubberRunner 3 DA and SteelRunner 4 DA


Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.