Automatic CrossBoard

DLG announced Väderstad as a winner of the silver medal for the innovation Automatic Machine Adjustment, an example of this new technology is Automatic CrossBoard. The silver medal was awarded at Agritechnica 2015. Automatic CrossBoard leads to a more levelled field with reduced fuel consumption and power requirement. 

Automatic CrossBoard   Automatic CrossBoard
Sensor for working angle   Sensor for soil level
  • The Automatic CrossBoard is an elegant solution to provide the levelling board with a small skid that constantly measures the height of the earth wall. The skid has a sensor that senses the CrossBoard angle. The data received from the sensor is used to maintain the perfect angle of the CrossBoard
  • The Automatic CrossBoard can be optimised so that the field is ensured optimum smoothness in relation to fuel consumption regardless of the soil condition
  • The new technology is under development and will be available firstly for Automatic CrossBoard, controlled by E-Control, which is Väderstad's own control system
  • Patent/patent pending
E-Control Automatic CrossBoard    Spirit R 300S with CrossBoard
Easy adjustment with E-Control    CrossBoard on Spirit R