New products 2017

Jan Engfeldt & Crister Stark

Leading the development of future farming

At Väderstad, we are convinced that there is no contradiction between ease of operation, and an improved result on the field. We have, time after time, managed to lead the industry and push the limits of what is possible. But we are not done yet. Now, while we are releasing numerous new innovations, our sight is already set on our next move – the next innovation.

Additionally, we are constantly focusing on improving our products, manufacturing and functions within the company to further refine and improve the machines we offer to you as a farmer.

With the sight set forward, we see how electronics and automations are taking an even greater step into agriculture, at the same time as the focus on precision, quality, versatility and high performance on the field never has been greater. This development fits us perfectly and we expect to continue to be a trendsetter and to lead the industry forward.

Together, we make you become an even more successful farmer.

Signatur Jan Engfeldt   Signature Crister Stark
Jan Engfeldt, CEO   Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board
and Product Developer