502 hectares in 24 hours - Väderstad Tempo has set a new world record

On April 11-12th, Väderstad set a new world record for most hectares planted within 24 hours. By having planted 502.05 hectares with high precision and an average speed over 20km/h, the high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo have proved its enormous capacity.

World record team

The machine that set the world record was the high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo L 16, and the event was located at the Ágoston Puszta farm outside the city Enying in Hungary. The tractor was a Case IH Magnum CVX 380. During the 24 hours, two fields was planted with two different types of maize seed. Together with the seeds, Tempo planted fertiliser and pesticides.

World record - Night

- This world-record is a clear statement of the enormous capacity and precision of the Väderstad Tempo planter, says Mattias Hovnert, Sales & Marketing Director at Väderstad.

Enormous capacity – Superior precision

The previous record for maize planting was 448,29 hectares in 24 hours. This was set with a planter with 24 row units and a central-fill seed hopper. Instead of 24 rows and central-fill, the world-record Tempo beat this record with 16 row units and individual seed and pesticide hoppers. Väderstad Tempo planted 502.05 hectares.

- Most importantly – even though the world-record machine Väderstad Tempo planted at a speed over 20km/h, it delivered an outstanding precision, says Mattias Hovnert.

Lars Thylén, planter product specialist at Väderstad adds:

- It is one thing to plant with high speed, but to do so with high precision is something very different. Thanks to the patented seed metering technology Väderstad PowerShoot, which benefits from a pressurised system blowing the seed down the seed tube, Väderstad Tempo is able to combine a very high speed and exceptional precision very successfully.

The world-record planting was monitored by Gödöllő University, who will measure precision and follow up the results of the crops.

World record - Tempo L