New front hopper for Tempo V

Väderstad has developed a front hopper for Tempo V. This enables the farmer to use Tempo V also for combi drilling. The hopper holds 2200 litres.

Tempo V with front hopper

High capacity

During development of the front hopper the vision was to achieve a metering capacity of 250 kg/ha for Tempo V at 15 km/h. This was achieved by increasing the dimensions of the transport system. Another important factor to achieve a high capacity is of course the hopper volume which is 2200 litres.  

Well-proven technology

All of the key components on the front hopper are well proven from other Väderstad machines. Fan and seed meter are used on Spirit. The electronics components are used on Spirit and BioDrill. The software is designed so that one terminal controls both the Tempo V and the front hopper. The front hopper works together with E-Control and ISOBUS.

Easy manoeuvring and handling

The design of the front hopper with a sloping front, gives the driver a good visibility. The wide opening makes it easy to fill the front hopper with a front loader.