Launch of SoilRunner to Cultus 300-400

In time for the autumn season, the hydraulically mounted Cultus 300/350/400 can be delivered with SoilRunner - Väderstad’s latest packer.  A compacting packer with Ø 575 mm U-profile, well-adapted to hydraulically mounted Cultus. The U-profile fills directly with soil and uses it to work soil to soil.

Close-up on SoilRunner
The U-profile fills directly with soil and uses it to work soil to soil

The SoilRunner has been developed alongside the production of Väderstad’s Carrier L & Carrier XL 425-825. It is a U-profile packer which uses soil to act against soil, leaving an open cultivated surface. Owing to its design, the SoilRunner does not clog, as the U-profile is filled with soil and this reduces wear. 


- This approach leaves an open cultivated surface and also works very well in wet conditions.
- - The principle of the packer - soil-to-soil, is grounded in significant customer demand for a packer that works on both light soils and in wet conditions, without the need to push, and which leaves a good structure after the machine, says Bernt Mårtensson, concept developer at Väderstad.

Result after cultivation with SoilRunner

30 procent lighter

The new compacting packer on Cultus 300/350/400 is more than 30% lighter than SteelRunner, which considerably reduces lift requirements.

- With this packer, even smaller tractors of less than 150 hk can handle the Cultus. On many markets farmers prefer mounted machines, it provides an increased agility on smaller fields. Although we have designed them with a larger diameter in order to optimise functionality, we have reduced the weight by up to 30%, says Bernt Mårtensson.

Packer SoilRunner on Cultus
Cultus 350 with the new packer SoilRunner