NZ Aggressive – Innovations creates a big difference in the field

The tine harrow Väderstad NZ Aggressive 500-1000 is equipped with newly developed 8 mm points. The result is seen in up to 50 percent increased working life in the field, depending on soil type.

– At Väderstad we are well aware that improvements measured in millimeters, in fact can provide a big impact on the field. This autumn the powerful tine harrow NZ Aggressive is fitted with 8 mm points as standard. Thereby the working life of the point is substantially increased, compared to the previous 6 mm point, says Mattias Hovnert, Sales Director at Väderstad.

The powerful tine harrow NZ Aggressive has a tine spacing of 7.5 cm and is available in working widths between 5 to 10 m. Combined with the latest developments of NZ Aggressive, including a new powerful drawbar, a suspended wheel axle and a strengthened frame construction, the new 8 mm point means that the popular tine harrow takes an additional step forward.

  8mm point NZ Aggressive

– The new 8 mm point results in considerably fewer point replacements, and thus more working time in the field, says Mattias Hovnert.

The new 8 mm point is factory fitted to all NZ Aggressive from now on, and it is also available for retrofitting on existing machines, via Väderstad Parts.

NZA crumbler roller
NZ Aggressive 600 with 8 mm points and crumbler roller