Tempo becoming even better

Väderstad is presenting several new features for the high speed precision planter Tempo. A new seed meter in aluminium, a new fertiliser coulter as well as the entirely new, three-point linkage Tempo V.

Tempo V

Tempo V is a new machine

Tempo V is a three-point linkage, foldable high speed precsion planter for up to 12 rows. The machine can easily be switched from 12 rows with 45 cm row spacing to 8 rows with 75 cm spacing, for example. The machine’s frame is designed so that row units and fertiliser coulters can be moved to any position. Odd row numbers (such as 9 rows with 600 mm spacing) can also be handled on the same frame.

“The keyword in development was ‘diversity’” says Lars Thylén at Väderstad. “We’ve developed a precision seed drill on which the row unit can be easily moved to vary row spacing. The result is a precision seed drill that can be easily adapted so that the same machine can be used to sow several different crops with different row spacing.”

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Well-proven technology that provides precision regardless of conditions

The row units – with the PowerShoot technology that is insensitive to vibrations – are the same as on other Tempo models, which means that the precision seed drill can sow at high speed with unsurpassed precision. The coulter pressure of up to 325 kg also enables sowing of everything from growing crops to cultivated fields.

Full range of models

Tempo V is available in seven different models. The number of row units varies from six to twelve depending on the model, and working widths are between 4.2 and 6.6 metres depending on row spacing.

Seed meter in aluminium

Beginning with the 2016 model, Tempo will be equipped with a new seed meter in aluminium. The new seed meter has an emptying hatch for easy cleaning when changing crops. There is also a 22 mm sowing system mounted in the new seed meter for crops such as pumpkins and large sunflowers.  

New fertiliser coulter

Väderstad is also launching a new fertiliser coulter. The coulter is narrower, enabling mounting at 45 cm row spacing. The new fertiliser coulter features improved capabilities for various depth settings. Just as before, the fertiliser coulter can handle loads of up to 150 kg.