New packer option for Carrier L and XL

The Carrier L and XL can be fitted with another kind of packer, making the tool even more flexible. The new flat iron packer, TopRunner, is available as both a single and double packer.

Single TopRunner   Double TopRunner
Single TopRunner   Double TopRunner


The TopRunner is a relatively light flat iron packer of the vertical type with good depth control. Just like the ribbed packer, the TopRunner moves relatively high volumes of soil. Lighter material is left on the surface after repacking, and the soil is ready for drilling. Repacking the soil in rows produces a loose profile between the packer rings, which allows a high gas exchange and the ability to quickly absorb precipitation.

TopRunner working pattern  

The striped pattern formed after the packer means that the ridges dry more quickly, meaning that you can quickly perform the next step in the cultivation chain, explains Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Manager at Väderstad-Verken AB.

The relatively large surface of the packer means that is also works very well on lighter soils.

Tilting double packer

The TopRunner is available as a single or double packer. The double, overlapping packer provides a bigger active surface and in turn a lower need for traction power. The double packer deals with clods more aggressively, forcing them under the rear packer. The double packer can also be tilted, making it possible if necessary to create a surface that can deal with more precipitation.

TopRunner possible tilt
Possible tilt of the TopRunner


The TopRunner is self-cleaning thanks to its constant movement, even in damp conditions, and it leaves the soil in the field, which is positive for field hygiene. No soil is transported between fields with the associated risk of spreading soil-borne diseases.

High quality

The packers are manufactured in high-quality steel and fitted with new spring parts, further reducing the load on the whole tool and giving the machine a longer useful life.