More models of the award-winning Opus

The launch of Opus 600 and 700 was well received by our customers and the cultivator type is now being complemented with two additional models – Opus 400 and the Opus 500.

Väderstad is continuing development of its new Opus cultivators. Opus has won several awards during the year and it has been well received by farmers. Two new models are now being launched – Opus 400 and Opus 500 – built on the same strong frame as the larger models. The concept of an easily manoeuvred, trailed cultivator is also incorporated in the two smaller Opus models. 

Opus YM 2016
Opus 400

Works down to depth of 40 cm

“With tine spacing of 27 cm and clearance of 80 cm, Opus can handle large quantities of straw and harvesting residue” says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Manager at Väderstad. “We also have a wide assortment of points and shins, including points coated with hardened metal. A MixIn shin is standard Opus equipment. The MixIn shin produces unsurpassed lengthwise mixing results due to the soil being remixed several times as the cultivator makes its way across the field. The tines have a variable release force of up to 700 kg and the cultivator can work down to a depth of 40 cm, which is unique.”

Adjustable levelling units

Hydraulically adjustable and rotating levelling units follow the tines. A parallelogram ensures that the levelling units work at the same angle across the entire machine width, regardless of working depth.

Replaceable and flexible consolidation packers

The consolidation packers are available in two different versions and are replaceable. SoilRunner is a U-profile packer with an alternated construction in which soil acts on soil. SoilRunner can be tilted, making it possible to attain various degrees of consolidation packing after the machine. An alternative is SteelRunner, a cultivating steel packer with pivoting scrapers. SteelRunner is recommended for medium weight to clay soils where a cultivating packer may be needed. 

The consolidation unit can bear the entire weight of the machine or be raised so that it moves above the ground depending on the desired results. It can also be fully raised and is easy to detach.

Opus 400 and 500 are entering production during the autumn of 2015. 

Opus YM 2016