Väderstad targets the Netherlands

Väderstad is targeting Netherlands with its new import agency Homburg Holland. The mild climate, flat landscape and fertile soils make the Netherlands a major exporter of agricultural products. The country is a world leader as regards production of fruit and vegetables. 

Homburg Holland is based in Stiens and has depots at four different sites throughout Holland. The company sells Hardi and Väderstad products and produces and sells the Homburg Herrow, a self-propelled sprayer, the Homburg Draincleaner, a machine for cleaning drainage pipes and The Handler, a device for mixing and filling chemicals.

“Holland’s agricultural area is roughly the same as that of Norway, but Netherlands is known for its highly mechanised farming and fertile soils. The interesting products we have for the Dutch market are Rapid, Carrier and Tempo”, said Per Hellman, who is responsible for the Dutch market at Väderstad.

“Homburg Holland was started in the 1960s and is managed by Johannes de Boer. It has 25 employees and sales have increased by 22.5 percent since 2008, which can be compared with a drop in general tractor sales of 29 percent, said Per. 

During the autumn tillage season, 50 demonstrations of Väderstad machines were held in Netherlands. There is great interest in this new manufacturer on the Dutch market.

Lasse Doornbos, Ron Smit
Ron Smit and Lasse Doornbos are responsible for Väderstad at Homburg Holland

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