Ukrainian team starts demo tour

In March, the Väderstad subsidiary in Ukraine started a major spring demo tour of the region.

“Our ambition is to hold up to 30 demonstrations during the spring drilling campaign in all regions with the exception of Crimea. We expect to show our technology to agribusinesses representing over 1.2 million hectares of leased land, in order to expand our activities in the country. The sales will come later, despite the tense political situation in Ukraine right now. Thus we are working for the future and believe in growth”, said Volodymyr Pidvalnyy, director of sales at Väderstad Ukraine.

Tempo demo tour

“We plan to demonstrate a set of machines including Tempo, Carrier and Rapid in different regions with varying climate conditions to prove their versatility”, said Valeriy Kremsal, chief agronomist at Väderstad Ukraine and demo team leader. “The first demonstration was held on 21 of March in the farm company “Sokolivka”, close to the head office of Väderstad Ukraine.”

The host farmer invited his neighbours, who together represented 16 900 hectares of leased land. In the demo, 17 hectares of spring barley were drilled with the Rapid A 600C drill, which is particularly popular in Ukraine, with over 180 machines sold during the past seven years.