Nordic places fertiliser for maximum effect even in dry conditions

New Spirit 600C Nordic is equipped with a single disc coulter for exact placement of fertiliser, even in heavy clays, at 250 mm row spacing. The seed is placed with great precision by the Spirit seed drill’s well-known V-discs at 125 mm. The fertiliser is placed between alternate seed rows. The discs cover the fertiliser at the correct depth without disturbing the seedbed, an advantage in spring drilling in areas with early season drought.

Spirit 600C Nordic

  • The discs slice down under the seedbed base and place the fertiliser with high precision at the required drilling depth between alternate seed rows without ripping up soil, which is important in spring drilling in areas with early season drought
  • The machine is also equipped with CrossBoard Heavy in front of the fertiliser discs to level even the most difficult soils
  • It is easy to adjust the fertiliser placement depth and working angle on CrossBoard Heavy independently of each other, using a hydraulic control function in the tractor cab
  • A Spirit 600C Nordic with 6 m working width requires a 175 hp tractor or larger

“In recent years there has been great demand for a light combi machine with 6 m working width and a low draught requirement that can place fertiliser and seed with high precision. Spirit 600C Nordic is designed to meet the needs of these customers for traditional Nordic fertiliser placement, where discs place the fertiliser between alternate seed rows. CrossBoard Heavy is fitted in front for powerful levelling” said Bernt Mårtensson, Product Manager at Väderstad.

Spirit 600C Nordic

Spirit Nordic is manufactured in 6 m working and has a 5000-litre hopper. The relative proportions of seed and in the hopper can be adjusted using different dividing wall positions. Spirit 600C Nordic has LS hydraulics with active coulter pressure and wing pressure to ensure perfect precision even on sloping fields.

Emergence Spirit 600C Nordic