Väderstad has entered into a new partnership with slurry expert Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau on incorporation of slurry during soil cultivation

Combined use of Carrier X, an implement for large-scale soil cultivation, and Vogelsang’s product SynCult was recently demonstrated for the first time in Germany.

Carrier X with SynCult

SynCult, developed by Vogelsang GmbH, an expert on equipment for slurry application, is a complete piece of equipment for mixing slurry into the soil during cultivation.

“We have found a work partner that is active on the global market and that makes soil tillage easier for its customers through innovative machines. This also reflects the Vogelsang mission” said Harald Vogelsang, MD at Vogelsang.

Efficient incorporation

Apart from the most important functions of Carrier X, such as stubble cultivation, straw spreading and soil levelling, Carrier X can now incorporate slurry into the soil precisely and efficiently, thanks to the SynCult equipment.

“With its X-disc system, narrow transport width and two-year product warranty, even when used with slurry, Carrier X fits perfectly in the very demanding area of professional incorporation of slurry”, said Christian Puls, MD of Väderstad GmbH in Germany.

SynCult consists of an adaptor arm, a distributor unit for releasing slurry with high precision and appropriate fittings. Cultivation, slurry application and slurry incorporation can therefore all be carried out in a single pass, which saves time and money for the farmer. 

Carrier X with SynCult

No welding or drilling is needed to install it, and the attachment points for the precision distributor and the slurry nozzles are pre-set. This guarantees a good work outcome and means that the product warranty for the tillage implement remains valid.

Carrier X with SynCult

SynCult is ordered direct from Vogelsang

SynCult fits all Carrier X models 425, 525 and 625. Both SynCult and its replacement parts are ordered directly from Vogelsang. 


About Vogelsang:
Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH is an international machinery manufacturer that has its headquarters in Essen/Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, Germany. It was founded in 1929 as a manufacturer of general agricultural equipment, but the company now specialises in pumping, grinding, chopping and metering/spreading equipment for agriculture and for the biogas, industrial and municipal sectors. Today, the company’s main business areas are biogas, wastewater and vacuum pumping technology, as well as the agriculture sector.  

Vogelsang now has 558 employees around the world. The business group consists of 19 subsidiaries, 3 international sales offices and two manufacturing plants in Germany. Complemented with a global dealership network, the company’s products are exported to all countries in Europe and to all industrial nations of the world.
Read more on their website: www.vogelsang-gmbh.com