New Carrier can handle more trash

Väderstad is launching Carrier L with 51 cm disc diameter and Carrier XL with 61 cm disc diameter. The machines are available in 425-825 cm working widths. They are designed to meet the demand for handling large amounts of harvest trash and for working to greater depth. The adjustable working angle, MultiSet, allows the machine to slice up the entire soil profile irrespective of working depth and a wide range of packers is available to ensure the trash makes good contact with the soil and breaks down quickly.


What’s new with Carrier L & XL?

  1. Larger 51 and 61 cm diameter discs with notched edges, TrueCut, mean that new flexible Carrier L and XL can cope with larger amounts of harvest trash
  2. The working widths 425, 525, 625 and 825 are completely new
  3. Carrier L can become XL and vice versa. Farmers can change disc size by themselves
  4. New suspension on the transport wheels extends their life. The transport wheels also make Carrier L and XL easier to manoeuvre in the field
  5. A transport width of 3 metres and a transport height of 4 metres are completely unique for a disc implement with a working width of over 8 metres

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Watch the machine in action

Flexibility, durability and low operating costs

“Throughout the development work for Carrier L and XL, the focus was on flexibility, durability and low operating costs. The transport width of 3 metres and transport height of 4 metres are totally unique for a for a disc implement with a working width of over 8 m “ said Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board at Väderstad.

Easy to manoeuvre in the field

The transport wheels can be lowered in the field, making the machine very manoeuvrable. On headlands, the driver can turn the machine on the packer or on the wheels. The wheels can be lowered in wet areas or in shallower cultivation. With new integrated clips, it is easy to adjust the working depth from the cab.

Carrier L can become XL

“A new feature is that the discs are fitted on similar disc arms and thus it is easy for farmer to change to discs of a different size. An L machine can become an XL and vice versa” explained Crister. 

More front tools can be added

“The unique thing about the Carrier family is that they can be fitted with a straw harrow, CrossCutter Knife or CrossBoard. Moreover, these front tools are interchangeable. This means that Carrier can be equipped for working in heavy straw directly after the combine or for efficiently levelling ploughed soil” said,  Magnus Samuelsson, Marketing Manager for Carrier.

Crossboard 164px   CrossCutter disc. 164px    StrawHarrow fronttool 164px
 CrossBoard    CrossCutter Knife    Straw harrow

New packer options

With the development of new Carrier L and XL, three new types of packers have also been developed. These are:

  1. Double SoilRunner, a U-profile packer where soil acts on soil in a design that lowers the wear on the packer and prevents it from clogging
  2. CageRunner, a cage packer for lighter soils
  3. SteelRunner is already an existing option

“The double packers have a tilting function, which is an advantage in wet conditions. The lighter consolidation in alternate rows makes it easier for water to infiltrate into the soil profile” said Magnus Samuelsson. 

SoilRunner Double   CageRunner 164px   SteelRunner 180x110px
Double SoilRunner   CageRunner   SteelRunner