Have a great summer!

After a fantastic spring, the summer is here and that means sun, more time with our nearest and dearest and some form of summer activity for many of us. We reflect over the past spring, look back at all that has been achieved and look forward with confidence to all the activities of the coming autumn.

For Väderstad, the spring brought a drilling record with Tempo R 12 in Bulgaria. A total of 306 hectares of sunflowers were drilled in 24 hours and the crop looks very promising. Also, during the spring, the company recruited a new MD, Lars Wretman, who will start work in early autumn.

Those of us in the marketing department feel particularly happy after having run a Happy Farmer campaign in twelve countries. We have met more happy farmers than ever before and have handed over vast quantities of Väderstad bodywarmers.

Tempo T 6 in transport
Tempo T 6 in transport between fields

The previous name for our major summer event, Nybble, has been replaced by Väderstad Tour. This new name better explains what the event is about, which is a great tour around the Väderstad premises with a number of exciting activities. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to meet our customers from all corners of the world, here on our home ground in Väderstad.

Development work has continued apace at Väderstad. The Tempo family has been upgraded and renewed in various ways, for example Tempo can now handle oilseed rape, sugar beet and sunflower.

We wish you all a really pleasant summer. We hope that you have the chance to relax a little with family and friends and recharge your batteries before the autumn season.