Fewer points changes

Väderstad’s Marathon points mean more time in the field and less time in the workshop. They are plated with special type of hard metal that allows them to maintain their shape throughout their entire long working life, which ensures precision in cultivation. It also means that Marathon points last five to nine times longer than ordinary points, according to commercial farmers.

Marathon point for Cultus, Swift, TopDownMarathon points reward the investment

Changing to Marathon hard metal points is a rewarding investment, since it means fewer changes of points and a very precise soil cultivating action that creates a more even soil flow. Marathon points always operate exactly at the pre-selected working depth.

Because of the longer intervals between points changes and the long life, the cost per hectare is lower with Marathon points than with standard points. Sharp points also have a lower draught requirement and use less diesel.  

The latest design of Marathon point, with two holes, reinforced bolts and flange nuts, means that these points are suitable for all Väderstad cultivators: TopDown, Swift and Cultus.

Four years of Marathon points

Peter Thorvaldsson, Engsholms Säteri, runs an extensive contracting business specialising in incorporation of structure lime. Four years ago Peter changed to Marathon points on his Cultus 500 and now has experience of these on thousands of hectares, from Kolmården in the south to Norrtälje in the north.

Peter Thorvaldsson, Engsholms Säteri
Peter Thorwaldsson

Peter works 5-9 times more hectares with Marathon points

“When the lime has to be mixed in to a particular depth, the cultivator has to work evenly with all points, which is one advantage of the Marathon points” said Peter. “Another advantage is that the points do not need to be changed very often, depending on soil type. I reckon that I used 5-9 ordinary points in the past for every Marathon point”.

Cultus 500 in field
Cultus 500

For TopDown, Cultus and Swift cultivators, optional points plated with hard metal are available in 50 mm and 80 mm widths.