CrossCutter Disc - Specialist in false seedbeds

Volunteer rapeseed and weeds such as blackgrass can be controlled effectively by cultivating the soil to ultra-shallow depth, 0-3 cm. The newly developed CrossCutter Disc implement transforms Carrier into a specialist in creating a false seedbed. Instead of slicing in the driving direction, the slicing units are positioned at an angle to the driving direction. With a speed of 16-20 km/hour and diesel consumption of 5-6 litres/ha, the machine provides high capacity at low cost.

Ultra-shallow cultivation - for sustainable rapeseed cropping

“Intense crop rotations have resulted in the soil now containing a large bank of old rape seed. The problem is escalating with the increasing use of hybrids, where the next generation produces little or no yield but still competes for light and nutrients” said Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Manager at Väderstad.

“It is important to get going early in order to use the moisture in the soil and stimulate leftover crop seeds to germinate before they enter dormancy. In a first pass, remaining rapeseed pods are threshed out completely and the stubble is crushed, the outer waxy layer is damaged and decomposition is speeded up. A second pass when the volunteer rape is at the two-leaf stage efficiently reduces the number of rape seeds in the soil” added Magnus.

CrossCutter Disc

CrossCutter Disc improves field hygiene

By controlling volunteer rape, the conditions for various carryover diseases in rape are eliminated.  Another growing problem in areas with a lot of winter crops is blackgrass. Shallow cultivation directly after harvest encourages the light-dependent blackgrass seeds to germinate and they can then be killed off by spraying or another pass with CrossCutter Disc.

CrossCutter Knife increases the intensity

The individually mounted discs on CrossCutter in combination with CrossCutter Knife ramp up the cultivation intensity another notch. The combination of cultivating and crushing at the front of the machine together with high intensity and perfect responsiveness in the centre results in extremely effective ultra-shallow cultivation.

“This combination is recommended to control corn borer overwintering between the nodes in maize residues. The CrossCutter combination cracks the stems between the nodes and destroys the winter habitat of the corn borer” said Magnus.

Several thousand hectares worked in Germany

In the past two years, CrossCutter Disc has been used on several thousand hectares in Germany. The farmers involved are very pleased with the results and recommend combining the discs with a straw harrow when there are a lot of harvest residues unevenly distributed in the field” said Magnus.

CrossCutter on CR 820
CrossCutter Disc efficiently eliminates emerging rape plants