Climate-smart Parts

Väderstad Parts is launching CO2-neutral transport as a step in Väderstad’s environmental work.
“Work in collaboration with our hauliers has resulted in CO2-neutral delivery of express items via TNT” said Björn Jonsson, acting manager of Väderstad Parts.

Väderstad Parts
Väderstad Parts

“At present we send the majority of our goods by lorry, followed by air and ship freight. By introducing CO2-neutral express deliveries, half of our goods will be sent CO2-neutral, which is a fantastic improvement” said Björn Jonsson, acting manager of Väderstad Parts.

“Through buying transport services from TNT, Väderstad Parts ensures that money is set aside for projects that make deliveries CO2-neutral. This means that we are offsetting the carbon dioxide we currently produce.”

“TNT applies Gold Standard, which is the highest standard available as regards environmental improvement measures and projects. The WWF and the UN are two of the 80 agencies that support these projects.”   

“To contribute further to the environment, Väderstad Parts co-packs goods and decreases our environmental impact”, added Björn.

“For the past two months we have been marking all our deliveries sent by TNT with CO2 labels stating that we are CO2-neutral”, concluded Björn.

Neutral transport

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