Väderstad presents Swift with integrated packer

Väderstad is expanding the Swift family by launching a Swift with EasyRunner. EasyRunner is an integrated light soil packer available in 5.60 m and 7.20 m. The L-shape profile of the ribs helps make the packer more aggressive than a conventional cage packer. At the same time, the shape of the ribs contributes to the machine having excellent depth-holding characteristics, as it is supported on a wide track. 

Swift with EasyRunner
Swift 560 with EasyRunner

“The Swift was launched in 2010 and Väderstad is now taking the next step. The development of a Swift with integrated packer is based on a need which has been expressed by many customers. This has come primarily from farmers who farm on slightly lighter soils and are looking for a combination of material incorporation and reconsolidation. The design of the packer with its L-shaped rib profiles and with a  diameter of 382 mm, help contribute to Swift’s excellent depth-holding characteristics and ability to break up clods, as well as making it a lot more aggressive than a conventional packer,” says Sales Director Fredrik Lundén.

“The machine has been developed for farmers who want to make things simpler and carry out several jobs in a single pass. The machine is compact and can manage depths down to 20 cm,” says Fredrik Lundén.

“For those farmers looking for a heavier and more powerful packer, there is still the option of hitching a roller behind the machine, maintaining the Swift’s versatility,” adds Lundén.

The machine has been developed in Germany and Sweden and will be available for delivery from June 2014. 

Swift with EasyRunner