Väderstad introduces three year warranty on cultivator tines

Once again Väderstad is setting a new standard by introducing a three year warranty on the newly designed Swift tines. Väderstad introduced a two year warranty on all its machines in 2012 and is now taking another step forward in quality assurance. 

Swift tine 3 year warranty

”After thorough laboratory testing of the newly designed tines for the Swift cultivator, we are able to offer our customers this additional level of security. Tests have shown that the tines meet Väderstad’s high quality requirements”, said Fredrik Lundén, Director of Sales and Marketing at Väderstad.
Over the years, Väderstad has built up industrial-style testing facilities, with different types of test rigs and a body of knowledge on how test results compare with actual wear. The rigs allow scientific testing to be carried out in a short time.

”Our extended warranty offer reflects our focus on quality, which is a critical element when we are developing new products in everything from choice of materials to testing methods. We often meet customers who are still using their products even after many years of work in tough conditions”, added Fredrik Lundén.

Swift gallery
Swift 560

The Swift stubble cultivator is designed to work down to 18cm, with a dense tine spacing of 19.3cm. Swift is available in working widths from 4.0m to 8.7m. All models have a 3m transport width.

Read more about our 2 year warranty that we offer on all our machines: