Väderstad presents the Väderstad Award-winner Charles-Antoine Dewulf

Charles-Antoine Dewulf, 23 years old won the Väderstad Award 2013 in France.

Winnner of Väderstad Award 2013 in France

When Charles-Antoine joined the family farm near Liège in Belgium, his aim was to optimise the organisation of the farm and look for new business. The 200 ha farm specialises in the production of vegetables for industry (spinach, carrots, chervil, field beans, turnips, Brussels sprouts, broad beans) and employs 7 people full-time and about 30 seasonal workers. Wheat, maize and sugar beet are also cultivated.

Charles-Antoine has made the decision to grow cover crops between cash crops for strictly agronomic reasons, because use of cover crops is not compulsory in the region. He uses mustard and phacelia, which have different rooting depths, with the aim of loosening the soil at depth and so avoid ploughing. The seeds have to be planted at different depths, for which he uses a Väderstad Rapid A equipped with BioDrill.

In terms of new business, Charles-Antoine has recently set up a partnership with a biogas (methane) production plant in his neighbourhood. He supplies the plant with green waste (sugar beet leaves, vegetable trimmings and rejects) and sells the digestate as fertiliser to other farmers in the region. Always curious and eager to meet new people, Charles-Antoine is going to Africa this autumn to help farmers improve their maize establishment.