Most innovative agricultural firm

In an article in the Swedish agricultural journal ATL, the Chairman of the board at Väderstad Crister Stark and Concept Manager Gert Gilstring were declared the most innovative inventors in the green sector.

Artikel i ATL om Crister Stark och Gert Gilstring   Artikel i ATL om Crister Stark och Gert Gilstring

Scan images from the journal 

A major article identified Gert Gilstring and Crister Stark as the two individuals who have submitted most patent applications within the green sector in Sweden. 

In total, Crister Stark applied for 21 patents and Gert Gilstring for 17 patents during the period 2008-2012. Overall, Väderstad applied for 57 patents during the same period. Many of these patents refer to inventions made during development of the Tempo machine. 

“A really good innovation brings a major technological advance and produces a piece of equipment which is beneficial to farmers”, according to Gert Gilstring. 

Article ATL about Crister Stark and Gert Gilstring
Applications for patents year 2008-2012
Top table, columns from left: Name, Company, Number of applications
Bottom table, columns from left: Company, Number of applications