Inspiring young farmers to ‘smarter food production”

Väderstad is encouraging and acknowledging young farmers by introducing the Väderstad Award. The competition is being launched in April and will cover Poland, France and Hungary. The winners will be announced at Nordic Innovation in Berlin on 28th of August.

Väderstad Award both

“Agriculture in Europe is facing a major generation shift, as 60 per cent of European farmers are over 55 years of age. Through this award, we want to encourage young farmers to a future within sustainable and competitive food production”, explained project leader Linnéa Stark.

“By establishing this award, we also want to lay the foundations for a European network of smart young farmers. The winners have the ability to transform ideas into new, resource-efficient solutions that improve their own farms and can contribute to the development of the entire sector”, added Linnéa Stark.

Farmers can apply directly or nominate a friend who has clear visions and can demonstrate concrete achivements on the farm. The focus areas of the competition are consistent yields,  biological diversity, reduced fuel consumption, more efficient use of fertilisers and crop residues and technical developments on the farm.  
“As part of the prize, the winners and those ranked second and third in each country will be invited to Väderstad for discussions on technology and future crop production methods”,  said Linnéa Stark.

The competition is open to anyone within the age range 18-35 who is running a farm in Poland, France or Hungary.