Swift 560 now with hydraulically adjustable support wheels as standard

For quick and easy adjustment of working depth from the tractor cab, hydraulically adjustable support wheels have been introduced as standard on Swift 560.

“This means that the working depth can be changed quickly and easily from the driver’s seat, depending on requirements”, said Bo Stark at Väderstad.

The hydraulically adjustable support wheels on the outer sections in combination with the large wheels on the centre section give a responsive machine with good bearing ability and a stable ride. The same working depth is provided across the entire working width of the machine by the large, easily adjusted wheels. The support wheels are adjusted using a separate hydraulic function and clearly visible scales allow for exact depth adjustment of the centre and outer sections.

Swift 560

Those wishing to upgrade their existing Swift 560 with hydraulically adjustable support wheels can order a set from Väderstad. No extra hydraulic out-take is needed on the tractor, as a selector value is included. Fitting is easy.