20 000 Rapid seed drills = 300 billion loaves of bread

Over 20 000 Väderstad Rapid seed drills, the company’s bestseller, have been sold to date. These Rapid machines have drilled a combined area of 52 million hectares. That represents over half the arable acreage in Europe and can produce enough grain to make 300 billion loaves of bread.   

Increased food production
“The world’s population is increasing and this, together with a higher standard of living in developing countries, is leading to an increased demand for food” said Fredrik Lundén, Director of Marketing at Väderstad-Verken. “There is huge potential in many parts of the world to further increase the efficiency of agriculture, and machinery with a high capacity is an important element in meeting the increasing demand for food”.

From Sweden to Sudan
Rapid seed drills are sold throughout Europe and also in other parts of the world. Rapid has been shown to be particularly good in countries where access to water is a problem. A number of machines were recently sold to Sudan.

Carrier in action
A Carrier in action in Sudan

“The drill slices the seed down into the soil, which lowers the seed rate and the tillage and irrigation requirements”, explained Managing Director Christina Stark, who has visited Sudan to see Rapid at work.
“In Zambia, for example, it is still possible to increase yields. The first Rapid seed drills sold there are now in their second year and yields in the first season increased by 500-700 kg per hectare, according to the farmers”, said Fredrik Lundén.

Rapid in Zambia
The first Rapid seed drills sold in Zambia are now in their second year and yields in the first season increased by 500-700 kg per hectare according to the local farmers

“The success of Rapid lies in its ability to carry out several operations at a time. It can cultivate, fertilise and drill seed in a single pass, which saves time and fuel and also protects the soil”, said Fredrik Lundén. 


This is how we calculated:
For wheat, average yield is around 6 ton/ha, which would mean around 300 million tons, or 300 billion kilograms. 1 kilogram of wheat gives approximately one loaf.