Väderstad sets a new standard - extends the warranty period to two years

Väderstad is once again pushing the limits and sets a new standard by introducing a two-year warranty period for all products as part of the company’s quality assurance work.

2 year warranty logo

“This reflects our focus on quality, which is of the utmost importance at every stage of the process when Väderstad is developing new products, from choice of materials to methods for testing “, explained Fredrik Lundén, Director of Marketing at Väderstad.

When selecting materials and components, Väderstad often goes for slightly more expensive solutions if these provide longer life. A machine that operates problem-free for a long time and that has a high second-hand value is cheaper to own.

“We take a long-term perspective in everything we do and we have worked long and hard in order to be able to offer this security to our customers”, said Fredrik Lundén.

Jacob Fransson
Jacob Fransson, mechanical engineer at Väderstad-Verken

Early testing of different solutions

During development work at Väderstad, different technical solutions are tested in computer-simulated stress tests and in practical tests in the field. Over the years, Väderstad has built up an industrial testing system with different types of rigs and a comprehensive knowledge of how measured data compare with actual wear. The rigs allow scientific testing in a short time.

Carrier rubber roller Kimme
Testing of Carrier in Kimme quarry

“The development of new agricultural machines and methods is at the core of Väderstad and we are so convinced of the quality of our development methods and testing operations that we are now feel confident in offering a two-year warranty” said Fredrik Lundén.

Hand shake two people
Another happy Väderstad customer