Väderstad Crosscutter - a catch crop killer

Jerome Hary, a farmer in northern France has since the launch at Agritechnica 2011 tested the Crosscutter from Väderstad. Now he shares his experience with a Carrier with the new front tool Crosscutter.

French Farmer Jerome Hary

"I have just tested the new Carrier with Crosscutter and I am very impressed by how it destroys the catch crops", says Jerome Hary, a farmer in northern France.

A real catch crop killer

Crosscutter on Carrier
Crosscutter's rotating sharp blades cut and shred the catch crop length- and crosswise

According to Mr Hary, catch crops have lots of advantages as long as they are thoroughly destroyed at the end. Relying only on the natural action of freezing or on chemical treatment is not a 100 percent guarantee of a good job, thus one tillage pass is still mandatory.

1.5 meter high catch crops
The Crosscutter easily manages catch crops tall as 1.5 meters

"I have tried many other alternatives, both tillage tine and disc machines, but the Carrier with Crosscutter finally come up as the best solution - a real catch crop killer. Last autumn and the early days of winter were very mild, and therefore the catch crops grew very well to 1.45 m height. Even in these conditions, the Crosscutter completely shredded the catch crops. This was a very good outcome for me, as we have a good silt soil".

Decomposed catch crop

Mr Hary is using mustard and oats as catch crops. As a result, two months later and with no frost in the meantime, the catch crop residues have undergone the natural organic decomposition process without re-growing.

"Thus the Carrier-Crosscutter combination is also the ideal equipment to prepare for good establishment of the next sugar beet crop without ploughing, as seedbed preparation is critical for that type of crop. Two passes fulfilled the requirements perfectly", says Mr Hary.


Crosscutter on Carrier
Crosscutter's rotating sharp blades cut and shred the stubble length- and crosswise. In one pass highly intense cultivation is achieved, which leads to rapid decomposition of stubble, straw and crop residues, even at shallow cultivation depth.

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