Väderstad celebrates 50 years of innovation

50 years has passed since Rune Stark developed the first rigid tine harrow at the family farm near Väderstad. Since 1962, "Rune's Mechanical Workshop" has developed into one of the industry's most modern factories and the initial marketing to neighboring farmers has expanded to more than 30 countries. This is a time period characterized by unique product development that has contributed to the rationalisation of European agriculture.

Sticker from the 60s
Väderstad's first trademark, at first the company was called Rune's mechanical workshop

Rune at his desk in 1967
Rune Stark in the 'new' office, which was hardly luxurious.There was only one telephone line, which was constantly engaged. Keen customers sent telegrams in the hope of reaching Rune.

Whole company + skid harrow 1966
The company's entire workforce gathered round the company's first skid type harrow, called the Väderstad Runner Harrow. Its construction was unique for its time and Swedish farmers were quickly queuing up to buy it. Delivery times were up to six months. From left: Rune Stark, Sigurd Karlsson, Roger Karlsson (who inherited much of his father Sigge's ingenuity) and Hans Rosander. The skid type harrow was 4.2 metres wide and had 39 tines.

Väderstads methods minimise number of passes

"The ultimate goal of our product development is to increase the capacity and improve the end result for the farmers. Väderstads efficient technology and methods minimise the number of passes and thus reduce the fuel consumption, which means that the environmental benefits are many", explains Crister Stark Chairman at Väderstad.

An innovative culture leads to patented inventions

Väderstad encourages creativity in several ways and work actively with ideas for improvement in the organisation. Inventiveness has led to greater customer satisfaction in many instances and over a hundred patented inventions.

"The first time Väderstad launched a machine with a "dual" capability was with a new generation of ring rollers in year 1977. A new product family that boosted the exports and brought Väderstad to new markets", said Crister Stark.

Family at the roller
The Stark family gathered round a HV 6.2 metre roller in 1987. From left Christina, Crister, Rune, Siw, Andreas and Bo.

The roller folding principle – a key patent

The roller folding principle from 1986 is one of the most important patents for Väderstad of all times. The solution is used for the Rollex rollers and later on for the Carrier, which was developed in the early 2000's. Carrier became a real success like the Rapid; the farmers got a new tool that was more effective than any other previously presented.

In order to level the field in a more effective way Väderstad developed a "Crossboard." The front tool is now standard on most types of machines and copied by many manufacturers.

The Väderstad Rapid – A true success story

Väderstad launched the Rapid drill in the early 90's and to this day over 20 000 Rapids have been shipped to farmers around the world. What makes the drill unique is the "Rapid System" which consists entirely of rubber suspended discs linked to the support wheel, working as a depth control.

Väderstad employees and customers will celebrate the first 50 innovative years on the 26-27th of May.