TopDown for all weathers

Axel Lagerfelt, at Tolefors Farm on the Östgöta plains of Sweden, farms 750 hectares of arable land with a Väderstad TopDown. He grows wheat on around half the area and on the remaining area he alternates between field beans, rape, linseed and malting barley. Axel Lagerfelt uses Väderstad TopDown directly after harvesting in many areas of application. The plough is seldom used except on a few occasions when wheat is being grown year after year. 

Petra Henell and Axel Lagerfelt
Petra Henell, head of marketing spare parts together with Axel Lagerfelt at Tolefors farm.

TopDown is a good implement that can change character easily depending on requirements and conditions. The great advantage with TopDown is that it can cultivate from shallow to deep depending on soil and weather conditions. TopDown cultivates the soil in the top layer and in lower layers. This makes TopDown a true one-pass machine”, said Axel Lagerfelt.


“In the autumn we put TopDown to use directly after the combine harvester. If conditions are good we drill rape at the same time, which is easy with the TopDown seedbox. We drill at 12-13 km/h and at a seed rate of 2-3 kg per hectare. A full seedbox lasts for 50 hectares of drilling. When we are planning to drill in the spring we make a pass with TopDown directly after harvest and let it lie for spring tillage.

We have used and tested different points and in the season just past we used a low disturbance point, which was a success. The unique feature of the low disturbance point is that it lets you increase the working depth and loosen the soil well, without drawing up raw soil”, continued Axel.

TopDown gallery

TopDown gives complete slicing of the soil surface. With System Disc Aggressive it achieves unbeatable mixing in of harvest trash, while the tines loosen the soil at the same time and finally the roller provides good reconsolidation – all in a single pass.

“TopDown is a flexible implement and the working depth is a clear advantage since it lets us use the machine in a varied way, in cultivation and drilling. When we have had a lot of rain we take off the press. Cultivation to depth with TopDown fitted with low disturbance points means that the soil can take in large amounts of water and the levellers do a good job even when the press is removed. The points last a long time. We have not made any replacements in the first 400 hectares. But not drawing up any raw soil – that’s the best thing” according to Axel Lagerfelt.

“A cultivator is what you make of it. You can build, test, change points and adjust it to your own conditions and look for new solutions all the time. TopDown let you adapt it to your local conditions. I will keep on experimenting with rape drilling, try new points and continue with the low disturbance points to avoid drawing up raw soil while increasing cultivation depth. It’s fun to follow Väderstad in development” said Axel Lagerfelt.

TopDown is available in 3 to 9 metre working widths. The transport width is 3 metres apart from the 9-metre model, which has a transport width of 5 metres.